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  1. Does anyone know roughly how much it would be acceptable to sell a meade starnavigator 102 for? It's in good condition, few scratches here and there, automated star finder, red dot finderscope. Looking to buy a new 'scope.
  2. Looking for a book(s) that covers the basics of astrophysics-star types, supernovas and the like-does anyone know of any good books like this? Or any general and interesting books on astronomy?
  3. Does anyone have any tips on how to pinpoint Vesta? Was looking at m35 this evening and just couldn't decide what was Vesta-is there an easy guide to locating it?
  4. Stargazing Live!

  5. my main observing intrests are planetary and lunar
  6. Looking for my first set of filters for my 4 inch refractor for xmas. After looking on the telescope house site, ive decided on either http://www.telescopehouse.com/acatalog/Meade_Colour_Filter_Set__1_1_25__.html or http://www.telescopehouse.com/acatalog/OVL-Lunar-and-Planetary-Filter-Set.html what should i go for?
  7. Looking for an adaptor for my DSLR camera for my refractor for xmas-will i need a t adaptor and then a ring adaptor also? If anybody knows a gold website to buy them from, links would be appreciated
  8. clear, but no finderscope which is a pain. Was hoping to do Jupiter and orion nebula
  9. So yet another possible observing night thwarted by an either dead battery on the finder or a broken finder! So is anyone else out observing tonight and if so what objects will you be viewing?
  10. My finderscope (red-dot) operates with a small metal rod that touches the battery, completing the circuit-unfortunately this metal rod has become bent downwards, meaning when I need to find things I need to hold this rod onto the battery, causing the finder to move requring a verh lengthy and tedious readjustment that again requires me to hold the finder, which starts the problem again! Ant suggestions, should I buy a new one?
  11. Jupiter!

    1. Qualia


      Jupiter satelliting the moon - absolutely stunning tonight..even saw a neighbour across the way leaning out of her window and taking a photo of this cosmic real estate.

  12. Really just want an iintroduction to astrophotography. Planning on buying a T-Adaptor the DSLR
  13. Had anyone seen the CCD camera review in the Sky at Night this month? Thinking of buying it as a starting astrophotography camera.
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