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  1. Thank you, Louise and AG
  2. Hi After a long absence from this forum, I wantto show you an image again. LBN 406 is a very faint Molecular Cloud in the constellation Draco. 14 hours exposure time with a Canon 6D, ASA 10" Astrograph, ASA Wynne Corrector and ASA DDM60 Data and higher resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/lbn406-2014_05_20.htm Thanks for looking Thomas
  3. I have shot this M31 in 2011 and this was one of my biggest projects so far. A 2 x 2 panel mosaic with a Skywatcher 130PDS and a Canon 1000D mod. Each panel 40 x 15min ISO 200, total 40 h exposure time More data and zoomable full resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/m31-2011_10_02-neu.htm Clear Skies Thomas
  4. Hi Look what Central DS says to the sensivity of a monofied DSLR: http://www.centralds.net/cam/?p=6562 This is also my subjective opinion. I have monofied a 500D with a wooden scraper and I have also noticed a dull gold layer below the bayer-matix and removed this layer easily with polishing paste. Then a glossy gold layer gets visible, which is hard to remove. Below there is a reddish layer (maybe the photodiodes?) I have lost one sensor by polishing to much in the edges and removing the glossy gold layer (the sensor is still working, but the flat is really uneven). Regards Thomas
  5. Thanks for your comments! @Carole: Light pollution is low, so the conditions are not bad, but not perfect @russel: most of the guides or tutorials of Fitswork were in German, maybe Google translator helps. I have found only one in English (I think you have found it too): http://intervalometer.appspot.com/Fitswork.jsp But even in the German guides most of the functions were explained sparsely. Try and error is required. CS Thomas
  6. Thanks everybody for the feedback!
  7. Hi I know, I have a modified Canon 500D too. Nevertheless the images of a modified camera with custom white balance and a unmodified camera are not the same. For data calibration and stacking I use Theli, for combining the RGB-channels Fitswork and for image processing Pixinsight and Photoshop.
  8. Thank you all for your nice comments! The camera was not cooled! I have made 40x15min subframes at ISO 200 and 34x10min subframes at ISO 400. Most of the frames were taken at very high temperatures (exif temperature 30-33 degrees Celsius) and shows a lot of noise. Due to the large amount of frames stacking removed most of the noise. Of course the red shimmer in the center is lacking but there are many CCD images which does not show it. I'm thinking about modifying the 6D, but for daylight photography a unmodded camera would be better.
  9. Hi Here is my first attempt with my new Canon 6D (not modified). About 15 hours exposure time, gathered between June and August Scope: ASA 10" Astrograph, ASA 3" Wynne-Corrector Mount: ASA DDM60 Camera controlling with APT (Astro Photography Tool) Image Processing with Theli, Fitswork, PixInsight and Photoshop Higher resolution (up to 75%): http://www.distant-lights.at/ngc7023-2013_06_17.htm Thanks for looking Thomas
  10. Thank you everyone for the great comments! Thomas
  11. Thank's for your nice comments! The focal length with corrector is 855mm, f3.4. One image in 6 months is not quite enough, the equipment only collects dust, ... The spikes are original! Thomas
  12. Fantastic images! But I agree with Tom and Jonas, Rho Oph needs more color Thomas
  13. Great image, nice colors and details Thomas
  14. Here is the first image with my new equipment: ASA DDM60, ASA 10" Newton, ASA 3" Wynne-Corrector and my old modified Canon 500D 51 x 10min ISO 400, total 8h 30min Because of the bad weather, this is the first image since a half year. And it does not seem to get better. higher resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/m101-2013_05_09.htm Thanks for looking! Thomas
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