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  1. Thanks for the info, I've placed an order for a upgrade kit. I'll do some more research into a wireless solution.
  2. Hello, It's the first time I've tried collimating my reflector using a 'next generation laser collimator' which seems quite a flimsy device for what it cost. I've spent hours trying to get the collimator laser centered but have had no success with it, and I could tell just by turning it in the tube it was way off centre. I even had somebody at work try to align the laser, am I doing something wrong with it or perhaps a Cheshire eyepiece would be more suited? I've tried over and over with the adjustment screws on the collimator which had been sealed for some reason to align that laser, it's bec
  3. Hi, I have only been used to the good old manual operation and alignment of my telescope, but have decided I would like to go for some sort of GOTO (SynScan/SynTrek... the whole thing is confusing). I have a Sky-Watcher Explorer 200P on an EQ5 mount. What kit do I need to give this the full GOTO functionality? Also, do I need any additional kit to control this directly from Stellarium from a desktop? I've heard you connect the PC directly to the handset on the GOTO/SynScan/whatever? Also, are there any ways of making this wireless? I've been looking at SkyFi, and a few other items and just won
  4. After being out of touch with astronomy for a few years now, I decided to buy a new scope to get me started again. A Sky-Watcher Explorer 200P OTA with an EQ5 mount, but without a SynScan kit (kinda takes the fun out of it). I have a question about the orientation of the image, is it possible to correct this orientation with a 45 degree erecting prism? I understood that the image would be upside-down before I bought the 200P from experience with my previous reflector. It'd be nice to use this for long range terrestrial viewing instead of buying an additional refractor. Regards, Antony.
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