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  1. Thanks a lot guys, really useful. Found a thread explaining removing vignetting with software. I didnt know you could use a netbook for flats!
  2. Hi James, I bought a refurbished Canon 1100D body and chose the lens I used based on its usefulness in astrophotography accept for its field of view. Next lens will be a much wider! This is the lens I have right now http://www.jessops.com/online.store/products/12878/show.html
  3. Thanks very much. Been putting off doing flats as they seem quite hard!
  4. Hi guys, would love your thoughts on this early attempt at wide field astrophotography. Cassiopeia is supposed to be centered and not right and low, but other than that I wondered where I can improve? What is happening at the edges? Its cropped and what was left behind looked pretty bad - is this a limitation of the kit? I used Canon 1100D with 55mm F1.8 lens @ISO800 F2.2 26 x 19 secs exposures +20 darks Stacked in DSS and post processed in PS5.1 Any ideas on how to improve it very happily accepted
  5. Its nice to have something to play with during our frequent cloudy nights but it'll never beat your own captures.
  6. It was the competition that brought it to my attention. Interesting to hear about NASA flying someone out there!
  7. yeah, if you remove the layers you can try and emulate their processing, great way to practice and the Eagle Nebula was the first one I tried out too. Their archive looks interesting as these files haven't been processed yet and you may discover some previously unseen and beautiful images!
  8. if anyone can make sense of the data archive for me please do! http://archive.eso.org/eso/eso_archive_main.html
  9. Hi guys, Came across this,and I'll be amazed if it hasn't been posted before, looks like there are data sets from Hubble captures (and others) available for download and post processing. http://www.spacetelescope.org/projects/fits_liberator/datasets_archives/ Gav
  10. Very nice! Love the idea of long multiple exposure sessions carried out remotely
  11. Hi gang, Been getting to grips with taking medium length exposures, stacking and so on and getting pleasantly surprised at the encouraging results. One thing im pretty poor at is shooting intend, most objects I aim for e. g ursa minor are well off centre if in shot at all. I wondered if there were any hints and tips for using a dslr with a regular tripod? Best wishes and thanks Gavan
  12. Hi folks, What better to do than on a wet and awful bank Holiday Monday than re-processing some early attempts at wide field astrophotography? A couple of weeks ago I attempted to take a wide ish shot of Cygnus using my Canon 1100d, with Canon 50mm F1.8 ii lens. This was before I learned about focusing via live view so it not perfect, I cannot be 100% Cygnus is anywhere near center of the shots. I took 59 x 19 sec exposures at ISO800 F.2.0 + 12 x dark frames at same exposure,ISO and temp etc. All using a cheap, but sturdy non tracking tripod. DSS stacked the 28 good RAW light frames and subtracted the dark frames for me no problem. Attached are the results after my PS CS5 attempt at processing and a version with where I think the Cygnus constellation is, below is a link for the dropbox location of the original TIFF file is anyone would like a play. https://www.dropbox....rah2v/cygnC.TIF So... 1) Is my constellation location correct? 2) Any other interesting objects caught in shot? 3) I cannot get nova.astrometry.net to identify my image - I have tried lots of different versions, is there anything else I can do to help it? Are there other sites that might fair better? 4) What do yo see wrong with any of the versions provided, particularly cygnC which shows my attempt at playing with levels, curves and vibrancy? (still very new to this and not entirely sure what to look out for and even what I am looking at all the time) Thanks very much, without this site I would be very very stuck! Gav
  13. Hi, did you have any luck? Looking at this myself.
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