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  1. As in a substitute for binoculars? Or is it good enough to consider getting both? If the latter, it would be nice to look at something with a bit more focus whilst still having binoculars for future use as well, seen as though I imagine it'll be quite a while before I own a telescope.
  2. Yeah I was thinking when/if I get round to buying a telescope I'd like it to be one that i'd be happy using for many years so would rather save up for a while. What would the red light torch be for? Also, for second hand kit, is this the sort of stuff that would be better viewing it first to make sure it's ok as I imagine telescopes can be quite delicate?
  3. Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. Think I'll look into getting a couple of the books suggested and some binoculars then. In terms of budget, I was going to try and get started for under £100 as I didn't want to spend too much straight away so something like these would fit nicely into that . Although I'll have a look at the website mentioned above to see what options there are. Thanks once again.
  4. Jordan612


    Cheers for the warm welcome everyone
  5. Hey, I've always been interested in astronomy (well physics in general and I like looking at pictures from the Hubble telescope) and want to take star gazing up as a hobby but don't really want to rush in and buy loads of stuff in case I'm not into it as much as I think. Plus, I like gadgets so would only be tempted by something pretty impressive which I couldn't really afford to do until I have at least finished uni. I don't know much in terms of constellations etc and locating them so obviously need to learn more about that. So, I was wondering what your advice would be on how to get started
  6. Jordan612


    Hi everyone! I'm Jordan, just thought I'd introduce myself and submit my first post! I've always had an interest in astronomy when it was covered in school or there are tv shows on about it etc but have never been active about. However, I now have a bit of free time over the summer (student at uni) so thought this will be a good a time as any to learn more about it and take star gazing up as a hobby. Hopefully will be able to absorb as much information from here as I can and get some hints and tips to set me on my way! Look forward to chatting with you all
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