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  1. I did a quick look for a replacement switch but couldnt find one online. I took the current switch apart nad had a look. Didnt see any dirt or corrosion. And yea. Im not going to attemept to solder on the board, I don't have an iron and feels like i would be asking for trouble.
  2. So I have it figured out. Its the actual power switch that has failed. If i run a jumper between the power switch pins in the board it powers up fine. Thank you everyone for all your help. This place is one of the best communities I have ever been apart of! Now another question. If I bypass the power switch permanently, do you think it will be safe to run by only turning it off and on by pugging in the power cable?
  3. Its a possibility. I just find it odd how it worked fine when I last used it, then just sat in a closed room for 2 years and now it won't even power up. Going to have a closer look on Saturday.
  4. I did notice it looked like the wires there were a little twisted. I can check a couple more places. When I looked yesterday, it was kind of a tight mess, I didnt want to pull and prod to much. I do think it probally somthin small like a lose or broken wire. I will have a closer look this weekend. At this point I dont have much other options short of sending it in for repair.
  5. I tried that yesterday, and there was no continuity. :(. So there seems to be a lose connection in there somewhere.
  6. Yep. Comfirmed the power supply is working. I may need to have a closer look at the internal connecter now though.
  7. I tested the output of the power adapter while it was pluged into a power bank using a voltmeter. Its show a correct output of apox. 12.5 volts. Also opend up the small cover on the mount where the power input and power switch are located. Could not see any fuse or broken or lose wires.
  8. Hi all, I prucahed an Advanced vx mount about 3 years ago or so. I have only use it maybe 10 times or so during the first year. I had a couple kids and didnt have much free time after that. So the mount has been sitting in yhe spare bed for the last 2 years. I had some time last week and decdied to take it out and give it some use. I lug the whole thing outside set it up, filick the power switch and nothing. No light on the mount or nothing to the handset. I dont know, I tested the adaper and it works fine. It worked fine when I put it away. Just at a total loss. Anyone had th
  9. Haven't had much time this past winter and spring but I managed to get out Friday evening and snap a few shots of the moon. Couple dozen shots taken with with cannon 1000D, skywatcher 200p stacked and a little processing. moon1crop.tif
  10. I'm not going to bother buying any bits to try and correct to scope. I'm planing on buying a decent APO in the near future. I have pretty much decided on the scope but if I just spend $300 more I could get a "better" one and for another $300 "better" than that, it never ends... haha...
  11. Thanks everyone for your kind words, gives me encouragement to keep moving forward. That little Travelscope has served me well since I bought last year as my first telescope, got my moneys worth from that purchase.
  12. Got some more practice in Friday night with my trusty Travelscope 70.. haha. I had another go at the Dumbbell and got a few more subs this time. Its not great but I produced something and it's an improvement over my first attempt at the dumbbell, so im happy. Cannon 1000D, Travelscope 70, Advanced VX mount. 66 X 75s Lights 20 darks 20 Bias
  13. Thanks for the tip, next time I'm out I'll give it a shot with lower iso and longer exposure and see how it fairs.
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