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  1. Nice one nabban! It'll be a left handed one then?? :laugh:
  2. Russ Sleepy Hollow, otherwise known as Ringwood (AKA 'The Twilight Zone') I actually hail from Netley Abbey across Soton Water on t'other side, but here is where I live!
  3. That outfit is so nice Gordon! Hope you get a better opportunity to try it out soon - and it must be a really good 'scope 'cos the cloud is total down here next to the New Forest!
  4. ........ and next time I promise (myself) to hang the Nikon on the Orion - I'm sure the combination can deliver some good lunar images, so I will have a'play' and see if I can get the exposure side sorted. Focussing could be nightmare territory, but I'm determined to get something useful. It's a good job I've got a couple of spare CF cards and a spare set of batteries or two - could be that I'll need CC's wisdom and experience using a Nikon DSLR ....... All this will be virgin territory so don't expect miracles! Any decent results could be more by accident than design
  5. After a spell of enforced inactivity, I was dying to get out for a spot of observing, but a planned meet with my Astro club had fallen through – What to do? Jan had nicked my car as hers was out of service, so I was stuck at home. Home is a flat over a shop up a small lane close to Ringwood’s Market Square, so it’s dead quiet after the shops shut (plenty of LP though) – the only passers-by are folk walking from the municipal car park to the pubs and restaurants in the High Street. I carried the Orion Mak-Cass downstairs to just inside the front door where it was bl**dy freezing, and left it there for 45 minutes. Wrapped up to the nines, I set up outside in a small square outside the shop, put in a 32mm Plossl and turned to the Moon. The eyepiece, an Antares is not too bad at all for a cheapie, particularly in the centre of the FOV – certainly good enough at 48x to get a general overall idea of which features are really standing out. The Eastern edge of Mare Tranquillitatis, and Mare Crisium and Fecunditatis looked interesting and plenty of small features were as clear as crystal. This was the first opportunity I’d had to give The Orion which I purchased as a ‘grab ‘n’ go’ ‘scope a decent workout, and it was exceeding my expectations. Rosenberger, Metius, Reichenbach, Santbech, Goclenius, Macrobius, Franklin and Atlas were all outstanding and begging for attention, but it was the features in and around Mare Crisium which really took my attention. Time for the secret weapon! A much treasured 19mm Panoptic took the place of the 32mm Plossl, a sip of coffee, settle into my chair and off we go …… Cleomedes F, Swift, Pierce, Picard, Yerkes, Lick and Greaves were delivered as crisp as I could ever hope for, and I must of spent a good 25-30 minutes just tracking along the various Dorsa and taking in the view. Switching to a Teleskope-Service 16mm wideangle cranked up the magnification a tad, but it couldn’t hold its own up against the Panoptic so I went back to it (not surprising really!) Another swig of coffee from the insulated mug (D**n- it’s cold!) and I drifted around the highlands surrounding the Mare, utterly amazed at the detail this ‘scope was delivering – after I had done the full circuit I looked at my watch – Jeez! I had put my dinner in the oven before I came out and it must have almost reached ‘cremation’ stage by now! I was feeling well chuffed both with the Mak-Cass and what I had observed this session, and as I got up from my chair to pack up a passer-by stopped and said “Anything special up there tonight?” “The Moon” I replied. “Oh, is that all …” he said, turning his collar up and trudging off to the car park. My friend, you don’t know what you’re missing! …… and yes, the dinner was burnt, but Hell, it was worth it.
  6. daz I think I found it on Astrobits, which you guys probably already know of, but it's a site full of goodies for newbies like me! http://astrotips.com/
  7. What observing log do you other members use? I've found Astrobyte:- http://www.mainbyte.com/astrobyte/ ..... and I'm considering using this as my standard, but I'm wondering if there's something better (or more widely used) out there :scratch:
  8. Nice! V-e-r-y Nice ..... Well done James!
  9. Yep - most of these elements give 1.5-1.6x mag when screwed direct onto eyepiece I beleive!
  10. Don't know if this any use to you CC, but there is Yahoo group for the HEQ5 - I belong to the EQ6 group and I've found some of the bits in the 'Files' section to be useful re adjusting mesh etc:- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HEQ5/ Best of luck!
  11. No gaps in the cloud here - I'm off to bed soon - I'm meeting members of my (newly-joined) Astro club at their dark site tomorrow night, so I'll take the Mak-Cass along and meet the folks. ...... and - this is stupid, but at 59 yrs old I'm as nervous as H*ll about it - no fool like an old one I guess
  12. 100% cloud cover here - couple of pints and an early night for a change!
  13. I'm no expert Gaz, but Photoshop CS2 comes with a gamma calibration sub-program, and several astro-imaging websites have monitor calibration setups so that you can view the images at their best.
  14. Some of the sound files on the link below (from Jupiter) sound oh so eery! http://www.radiosky.com/rjcentral.html
  15. Well, this link could be about my level I think... http://radiojove.gsfc.nasa.gov/rj_elab.htm
  16. Oh - yeh - If we could get hold of some details of kit/project that wouldn't cost the earth I wouldn't mind having a go at that - it's been ages since the soldering iron was used in anger! Search engines here we come.....
  17. The audio is terrible, but the content is good for us numbskulls .......
  18. chuenmanc: That looks useful! ... and we've got a store just down the road, so I'll go and take a look! Thanks :bounce:
  19. Welcome to the forum Mike! As a relative newbie myself, I can vouch for the fact that there are a lot of very helpful and friendly people here - mind you, their mental welfare is a cause for some concern ........ :salute:
  20. ...... wouldn't like to pay their electricity bill! :shock:
  21. Down here in the tropical South it's -5deg windchill - just had a Jack Daniels and I'm going out for another hour or so!
  22. BTW - love the ashtray close at hand!
  23. Nice one James!........that HEQ5 isn't having to work too hard there
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