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  1. Yes - that was a 'DUHH' moment there Warthog - dumb choice of words! He's a bit shaken at the moment, but he's going to see a specialist on Thursday next so we will know a lot more after that - one way or the other I suspect one or two shots of Wild Turkey will go down during my stay - where's my headache tablets?
  2. Well, if nothing else, the Moon looks good! ...... don't like that cloud haze coming in though .....
  3. A little hamlet called Blaraidh just west of Invermoriston - my oldest mate lives there and he's just been struck with an ailment which is likely to impair his visibility - haven't seen him for about 2 years so time for a natter and a few(!) beers I think!!!!
  4. Vapour trails are a by-product of being on a Heathrow traffic lane I'm afraid - but fingers are well and truly crossed! ....... and I'm off to the Highlands next Wednesday for a few days so the Mak-Cass is travelling with me - fingers are double crossed for that!!
  5. .........it's worth putting the 'scope out to cool? This is the Southern sky as I type so I'm hoping for a good night - how about you guys? (It's been a fair while - total clouds for weeks!)
  6. Well, the view out of the window and the local forecasts do seem to indicate that it could be a promising night down here next to the New Forest - so fingers are very firmly crossed (despite staying up to 4 o'clock this morning to view Jupiter!)
  7. Let's pray for an improvement in weather conditions by then! I'm going to have a go for this - just my time of day (NOT!) - might need a big flask of coffee for this one!
  8. New pic released today:- http://www.spaceref.com/news/viewsr.rss.html?pid=20079
  9. That's a damn fine shot! ...... :salute:
  10. Steve The chip might be the same but I believe that Nikon have developed/improved the algorithms used.
  11. CC Below is a link to a D50 review which might give some insight into noise levels at various ISO settings on the D50 http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikond50/page17.asp Hope it helps!
  12. Welcome to the forum Andy! :cheers:
  13. Caz Sorry, can't stop - I've got a sky full of stars to look at ......
  14. Yup Steve - got it in one! Who started this thread anyway - Martin? Martin? (bet he's laughing his socks off ....
  15. The strongest thing I've had today is a cup of coffee I'll have you know!
  16. Hate to say this people, but it's a beautiful night here - Sorry!
  17. James Before you commit your money:- I don't know how heavy your camera/lens is, but make sure you get as chunky a ball and socket head as possible - take it from someone who spent 30 minutes setting mine up only to have it move because the b&s head wasn't really man enough for the camera/lens I was using!! Best of luck!
  18. Yep! Nice One Martin, well done - your stuff is much appreciated! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  19. From the other end of the experience scale:- I'm still getting a lot out of finding objects visually, and I don't think the thrill of direct view through an eyepiece can ever be reproduced by any other means - that doesn't mean I won't get a different type of high out of capturing and processing my own images, I know I will, but that is a separate arm of the hobby. At this early stage of learning I am really enjoying widefield views of the more obvious galaxies, nebulae and star clusters etc., but I'm equally excited about the prospect of getting a half reasonable CCD camera to go down the route that Rog has - and BTW, Rog's website is inspirational to those of us still waiting to embark on imaging! I see no conflict at all between visual observing and imaging - the tools and processes are different, but the end is the same:- to see, understand and appreciate the wonders of the universe! As a learner, it's good that this forum contains members with both interests, and of course it's also lucky that they're willing to share knowledge and give help to us know-nothings! Cheers guys and gals - have a good weekend, and clear skies! (fat chance here....)
  20. trekker308

    Hello All

    Hi Darron and welcome along!
  21. That's another counterweight required on the arm.....
  22. Ian Now that is impressive! :salute: Well done that man!!
  23. Caz Like an idiot I jump in here full of ignorance, but I reckon they must time the travel across their field of view and can then work out the distance from us - Pythagerthingy's Theorem and all that - Hey, what do I know??
  24. MartinB No argument about GOTO - it's on my 'wanna-have' list, but there's a lot of optical stuff ahead of it (Celestron 9.25 would be nice!) :laugh:
  25. What did Radioactive say about " an intellectual giant of a website"?? I think not judging from the above posts - mind you, it's good to see that James is getting some fashion tips! :laugh:
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