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    Equipment: Skywatcher Explorer 150p on Skywatchers Star discovery Alt/Az Goto mount, Skywatcher Skymax 127 on Alt/Az Goto mount.
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  1. I have always had good service from the uk astroboot and my last purchase was a skywatcher 150p explorer ota just before the site went ofline. I received it as usual via courier a few days after ordering. Lets hope things go smooth for them with the change over and the uk site opens back up soon.
  2. Good advise ronin, I did have a little difficullty when I updated to v3.37. The first serial to usb adapter was poor quality and failed so bought a better one and that worked first time. I will leave it with v 3.37 for now as not worth risking if not much change in versions.
  3. Just noticed on the sky watcher web site they have released an update for the v3 handset this year . Has anyone update there handsets to this version 3.38 ? I have v 3.37 and was wondering if it's worth updating to 3.38.
  4. Took this last night in my light polluted back garden in Gateshead using my Skywatcher 130p on Alt\az goto mount. I used 2x barlow attached to my Nikon D5000 and took 20x 6 sec lights, 5 darks and 5 bias frames at iso 800. Stacked in Deep sky stacker and processed in Lightroom 4. This is my first go at any DSO with my camera attached to the scope.
  5. Sorry Brian I miss read the instructions on the handset pdf on the Skywatcher website. As I said I updated the firmware from v3.09 and its a big jump upto v3.37. The instructions could be written a little more clearer I think and in sections for eq mount, az mount and traking mount instead of it all being mixed up together lol. Clear Skies. Dennis
  6. I depends on what firmware the hand set is running. My Synscan goto mount had version 3.09 when I bought it a year ago and you didn`t need to north align it. I updated the firmware on the handset to the latest which is 3.37 and now you have to point the scope north and level it so the setting on the mount arm cradle is at 0 and switch the power off then back on again so you start the alignment procedure from this position.
  7. Hi James, go to the skywatcher website and the section "suport and downloads" then in the downloads section click on "user manuals" and then look for the manual for the v3 handset in the list. click on it and it opens for you to read through.
  8. Since updating the firmware on my Synscan handset to v3.37 there is a new setting in the allignment procedure which asks for the elevation of the observing location. According to the online instruction for the v3 handset on the Skywatcher web site the reason for this info is for "armospheric refraction". How important is this setting to be accurate and what are peoples experience with it in the allignment accuracy.? My mount is the alt/azimuth goto mount
  9. With the firmware updated to 3.37 I have noticed something new in the alignment procedure, it now asks to input the locations elevation? Where do I find this information from?
  10. Well the adapter came teatime today and worked first time, now the handset is working the telescope just fine with firmware 3.37.
  11. Well the update failed and now my handset does not work tthe telescope. I did buy a cheap adaptor from ebay which was the problem. I have since ordered a better quality adaptor from amazon and iis expected to be deliverd tomorrow, all the reviews about it from people using it to update the firmware on there handsets say it works perfectly even from someone in my position who bought a cheap one and handset failed to update properly rescued it with this adaptor, fingers crossed. Will let yous know how it worked.
  12. Thanks Jambouk, i was wondering how the firmware new which mount it was for. I will not use the az loader and will instead download the lastest loader for all mounts.
  13. I have a skywatcher az goto telescope and want to update the handsets firmware. The current version on the handset is 3.09. Before i do the update i just want to confirm that the latest firmware is 3.37 and is for both the EQ and AZ handsets. Also there are a few firmware loader links on the Skywatcher website and as my handset is an AZ i have downloaded the 3.3 verson of the loader which says "for az handsets only" is this the right one to use for the update? Thanks in advance. Dennis
  14. Thanks for the advise, will order the handset from astroboot.
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