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  1. i kinda thought that but i understand the xbox cam is a ccd & £40 cheaper still puzzled
  2. hi all can i just ask what is so special about these webcams as im extremely new to the hobby ive heard alot of people rave about them but seen some very good images of planets with lesser talked about cams (ie xbox cam & even a £3 cam from tesco) has anyone got any images using the same equipment in the same conditions with both webcams to compare the images is it all just hype ? would like to see the evidence
  3. great images puts mine to shame did you use your sw 150p & was it with a camera or webcam?
  4. that image is beautiful i cant wait to find a messier never mind take a stunning image like that
  5. very nice pics oh to stand it
  6. phil m105

    hello all

    thanks all for such a warm welcome & ive already had alot of good informative advice & tips from many of you so soon i love my new hobby but got a new hatred of clouds grrrr i salute you all
  7. thanks james some good info to keep me going for a bit hopeing for a break in clouds tonight after midnight so hopefully try it out but will post another pic when had chance in few days i hope
  8. thanks for the advice & tips do they apply to webcam? as im not using a camera & maybe im trying to run before i can walk
  9. i never knew it possible to see it that clear i must give it a go thanks for the vid & tips & you got some awsome pics there
  10. beautiful image im in awe & jealous
  11. so happy i joined SGL ive gained so much knowledge & info in the last couple of weeks i wouldnt of got anywhere else everyone is so helpfull, even when faced with my rediculous newbie questions & just want to big up all the guys i spoke to at norman lockyer observatory before i bought my first scope from FLO who gave a great & speedy service to deliver my order i salute you all may mother nature be with you all
  12. hi all ive only managed to capture one very small clip of saturn as i didnt have any tracking (which i have now yippeee) but its been to cloudy to get out for another try, has anyone got any settings they use on sharpcap for capturing saturn to get the best colours out of it on registax? as i say i took this not focused well & played with sharpcap settings quickly before it went off the screen then put it through the mind boggling registax im kinda pleased with it as my first atempt but would like to get a more naturaul / realistic image so any help on the settings for actually capturing it would be very appreciated. Capture 01_06_2012 23_21_32.bmp
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