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  1. Dreams of stargazing tonight dashed by the flu and clouds...

  2. Dreams of stargazing tonighed dashed by the flu and clouds...

  3. Here is some interesting news from EarthSky. Apparently a few million miles is quite a close call! earthsky.org/space/watch-online-as-huge-asteroid-hurtles-past-earth-tonight
  4. Thanks, I was wondering gat the black square thing was! I've managed to organise the power supply, so now I have really nifty motorised paper weight! I'll keep trying though...
  5. Hi I'm not sure if this is the right place, but here it goes. I recently was given a SynScan upgrade kit for my EQ3 mount. It's almost like new, but it is missing a few parts which have turned it into a paper weight. The most important missing parts are the two little gears/cogs that one would fit to the mount that will allow the motor drives to engage with the mount gears. Without these the whole setup is completely useless. Being in South Africa, there is very little to no support and I cannot obtain the parts locally. I sent Sky-Watcher an email, but have had no luck. A supplier in the UK has said they should be able to source them, but it could take quite some time. Now I'm thinking that I cannot be the only person on this planet with this problem. Does anyone know where one could get these two little gears from. Attached is a pic of a complete SynScan Upgrade Kit for the EQ3 and I have circled the missing parts. The gears are circled in red. Any useful ideas will be most welcome.
  6. Thanks guys. Great forum. Love being a 'vacuum'
  7. Thanks, I found it after scratching around a bit. I will post my query there.
  8. Hi It would seem that there are not too many options available anymore as far as CCD webcams are concerned for doing some basic webcam astrophotography. What I would like to know is this: Would a CCTV camera that uses a CCD chip be suitable for this purpose? The reason I ask is becuase these CCD chipped CCTV cameras are quite resonably priced, and they use CCD and not CMOS. I do see some downfalls, like you would need a seperate capture card in your computer, and you would also have little control over the shutter speed, white balance, etc. Has anyone tried this, and did it work? Thanks
  9. Hi All I've been meaning to join this forum for some time now as it's been a great source of info! I got my Skywatcher 150P about a year ago and am, like so many others, completely self taught. There is no local astronomy club in my area, so this forum as helped guide me on my path to celestial enlightenment. Thanks to everyone brave enough to ask the 'silly' questions!
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