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  1. Hi guys when i got my skywatcher 130p AZGOTO i got 25mm wide lens, 10mm ep and x2 barlow,

    now i been thinking for a while as to upgrade a viewing ep/barlow/alignment ep? but now i think i have made up my mind, as with the AZGOTO mounts 1st alignment is essential as it basis everything on that 1st alignment and i do like to be a perfectionist lol, at the moment when 2 star aligning i am simply guessing where dead center is and clicking ok.....far from accurate :( so i thought an illuminated recticile ep would suit me best, and when not aligning i can simply turn the led off and use as a standard ep.

    so i take it this will fit my SW130p right....it was the cheapest illuminated recticile ep i could find as i do not have much money at the moment, but will it do the job im after as i dont just want to waste money and if needs be will just have to save longer to get a more decent illuminated recticile ep? thanks guys


  2. thanks sailor, how come the screen goes blank tho, and does not show correct picture for what it takes? im glad its not just me lol

    edit, thanks hughschris, so i guess we crank up well over exposed so we can see image on live view, then x5 it or x10 it to make sure we got crisp focus, then back down to normal exposre where screen will be blank but we know its in focus and start snapping away right? :)

    thanks guys

  3. hey guys to take my space pics i have my cannon 1000d connected to my SW 130p via t thread and i have to use my x2 barlow to get focus out enough, it works really well and will post some pics later, i dont think they are bad for a noob,

    the thing is i keep hearing people saying the live view is good, i have just got the scope out now to test out the live view with my cannon 1000d, just tried getting a flower in focus via live view, i have it in M mode and i adjust the exposure so that the exposure is in the middle at 0.... to the lest it has got -2 (under exposed) and to the right +2 (for over exposed right?) but when it is bang in the middle at 0 the live view screen is totally black! like its turnt off? i have to crank it right up to +2 then i can see the image very well on the live view but when i take the picture its just a white screen lol where it has been WELL over exposed? :( so i adjust back to 0 screen goes blank lol cant see anything lol take picture and it comes out ok? am i missing something here with live view as its kind of frustrating me :(

    edit, its like the live view is out with what the picture it will take for some reason? im hoping its something easy i am over looking :(

    edit, just tested the live view and exposure off the scope with my 15-55mm lens on and the live view seems quite accurate (if its bright it takes a bright pic, if its dark it takes a dark pic) mhhh what am i missing when its on the scope lol

  4. well ive had a good fiddle about and got things the way i like them i think lol, just connected my scope to the laptop and clicked on telescope on CDC then click configure and i get a box coming up says invalid class string.....press ok to ignore and risk data corruption or click cancel to kill the program? :(

    edit, well i have downloaded ascom and CDC lets me into the configure screen now and is giving me the options to choose scope which i click on then this list comes up which is baffling me lol


    telescope simulator .NET

    POTH hub

    pipe diagnostic tool

    generic hub

    ASCOM DOME control

    does any one know what my skywatch AZGOTO mount would be ? :(

    edit, well i downloaded a celestron ASCOM driver and i now have control, im not sure if its sync'd or how accurate it is as im just sat in my front room with scope connected lol but i click on screen and scope slews!!!! GOOD ENOUGH for me for tonight lol least i knows it works, im done in after all that so thats it for me lol see you guys tomorrow to do your head in even more i guess lol :D

  5. thanks laser! i think ill have to go through all setting b4 i make any more posts and do your heads in lol your right i dont suppose it needs to be real time, just what im use to in stellarium is all, thanks buddy, this naming of the stars is very very weird tho looool

  6. thanks also laser! WOW there are soooo many more buttons compared to stellarium, going to take a while to get use to it, one thing it does not seem to be in real time llike stellarium? as in stell the time moves in real time, but the time on CDC just stays still is this right or can i configure to real time? sorry for these questions i am a noob! just ask Tamiyacowboy on here, he is going to hate me being on here too loooooool :) (only joking buddy, tam is my astro mentor on a certain other forum lol)

    edit, mhh this is very weird lol i just tried searching for the bright stars i normally use to align (sometimes) which are vega and deneb and vega is coming up as Alp Lyr? and deneb is coming up as Alp Cyg?? lol :(

  7. awww thank you kindly for your fast reply buddy :) will try it now :) hope to see you a lot more on here, ive been signed up for a while, getting use to the setup now so no excuse's for me :) ill post up some of my moon shots later, 30 stack with 30 darks :) going to try M42 next :) thanks again buddy

    edit, aww that s a program you have to buy :( is there any free ones as im really quite skint at the moment :(

  8. hey guys i was loving stellarium in conjunction with my skywatcher 130p (click on object and scope slews) but now my cruddy laptop has gone away for repair and come back it seems even worse :( i downloaded stellarium again and its come up with 2 stell icons (the normal icon and one that says NO OPEN GL2???) but now when i start stell everything i do it has about a 10 second delay and it is sooo frustrating i tell you :( so im just wondering if there are any other programs like stellarium that i can view the night sky and also connect my AZGOTO skywatcher 130p ? :( gutting really as i was loving stellarium :( any feedback at all will be greatly appreciated. thanks

  9. hey guys very new to this, ive had my skywatcher explorer 130p nearly 1 week now, and i have to say im amazed by it!!! better then all the expectations i ever had!!! i got the standard ep's that came with the setup which are a wide angle 25mm, 10mm and a 2x delux barlow.

    i have all ready seen loads with these like saturns rings and a couple of her moons :( spicia, arctucus, mars etc :( i think i like viewing plantets mostly :) not sure if i am seeing nebula with this scope properly?

    now the question to hand is would this vixen 6mm be a good addition for me to see the planets more deeply and nebula etc?


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