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  1. it can be a pain to setup, but once its going, its amazing, especially at getting on targets you can not even see with a long esposure
  2. meh! i was thinking more along the lines of they have found a colony of Martian's below the surface......water tho......hmm anti climax lol
  3. loving all these lunar eclipse shots, cracking images everyone! :)

    1. Alien 13

      Alien 13

      I agree but I hope I have not missed any maybe later the Mods can group them somehow

    2. tingting44


      indeed, we need to get a showcase on the go :)

    3. hobsey


      I was going to post mine but it won't really stand out from the crowed.

  4. this program is very good, gets you on target using a previous sub http://sourceforge.net/projects/astrotortilla/
  5. well could not ask for better weather for the eclipse tonight!!!......im shocked :D

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    2. Seanie1


      Looking like a lot of cloud bubbling up in the SE of England from about midnight onward which looks like it is going to obscure the moon completely....:(

    3. Psychobilly
    4. tingting44



      well that turned out to be a blinder of a night, totally enjoyed every minute of it, and if i got a half decent pic of it, bonus :D

  6. M33 would fit your setup nicely for the next target to image
  7. i like that, i see you have Ha in the image but dont mentin a Ha filter?
  8. what does that make then.......15 mins total if my math is correct? thats not bad for such a short exposure, you could possibly get more out of processing, processing is by far the hardest part
  9. be nice to get a couple of hours worth of subs at least on this target, then your notice a big change, the more subs you have the easier processing will be, best of luck mate edit, what length subs were you using by the way?
  10. very nice, flats will make the world of difference something to give a go next time
  11. i all ways thought green was not a true colour in space, but if its good enough for NASA..... lol https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/iotd.html?id=370879 good luck with 1st light with your new filter
  12. Very nice rob! How did you manage 10 min subs with no scope or guiding?
  13. lovely! has to be my fave object within M31
  14. now thats what i call a timelapse! looks amazing, very well done!
  15. Hi Rob hope you have been well, im thinking of trying this as i have never tried imaging wide field on the HEQ5...... at first i was thinking of mounting scope, getting auto guiding running then slapping the DSLR on top of the scope rings and taking wide field like this, but a more easier method would be just to mount the DSLR on the HEQ5 with no scope but then id be limited to unguided subs, but a lot less effort setting up and carrying the scope and bits and pieces that go with it.....hmm next clear night i do want to try some widefield with the HEQ5 tho i know that
  16. grats to both of you! would you have a link where this competition is please
  17. totally stunning rob! really enjoyed that, how did you put it all together mate?
  18. very nice mate! and as for uploading, i love flickr https://www.flickr.com/
  19. great image! there getting a lot better! cant wait to see #4
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