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  1. great start buddy!!! your get to the stage of collecting 20-30 hours of exposure for a single image before no time lol, great start for only 30 seconds
  2. yes it might take a while to load up by the size of it lol http://www.iflscience.com/space/46-billion-pixel-view-milky-way-largest-space-image-ever-created
  3. Zappo its not really good form to post images in other people's topics, best to open a thread for your own image buddy
  4. thats lovely work my friend, i just got lost in your image for about 5 mins @ around 200% zoom lol, very, very nice
  5. i like that a lot, is it a single sub? whats the length?
  6. http://www.iflscience.com/have-we-really-discovered-huge-alien-megastructure-around-star
  7. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/forget-water-on-mars-astronomers-may-have-just-found-giant-alien-megastructures-orbiting-a-star-near-a6693886.html
  8. i live in hampshire also, me and a few others drive to the new forest for dark skies, i drive about 25mins to get there, others drive over 2 hours to get there! http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/211017-new-forest-stargazers-info/?hl=%2Bturf+%2Bhill
  9. it just got more complicated with more unanswered questions im afraid LOL http://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-can-t-explain-the-bizarre-mass-of-objects-orbiting-a-distant-star
  10. i just found out about this today and am amazed, just done a search on here but cant find anything? what are your thoughts on it? has anyone here imaged the area of 6866? i know where ill be pointing my scope next.... http://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-can-t-explain-the-bizarre-mass-of-objects-orbiting-a-distant-star
  11. nice capture! as for ISO i only capture @ ISO800 with my canon 7D, i dont mess about changing ISO as its too much of a headache preparing so many master darks for different ISO's, if your getting 10-20 on your histo @ ISO800, thats good, id say you could push the subs to 5-6 mins and that should be around the 1/3'rd saturation mark on the histo, you want as long as possible exposures @ ISO800 with out the histogram peaking above around 1/3'rd, from my dark site, i can get 10min subs @ ISO800, i could get longer, but my 7D gets too noisy with +10 min subs, hope this helps you out a touch buddy
  12. Lovely capture! hmm weird stellarium have the moon and venus in opposite positions as shown in your image? Edit> sorry i was looking at this morning on stellarium lol..
  13. SHOW OFF! lol great job, must have been a lovely sight just viewing from 11000ft !
  14. only a quick snap with my point and shoot :D yeah right"""""""""""""""""""""""""
  15. you got it!" lol that was quick http://www.theverge.com/2015/10/1/9433767/nasa-new-horizons-charon-color-hi-res-pluto
  16. ... BUT which one.... lol
  17. very nice! and nicely stretched for the IFN!
  18. now that is really a job done well!...........
  19. i cant wait to watch that new movie "The Martian" looks cool
  20. how did you get on mate? it was spectacular to watch i ended up using ISO200 @ 1/400 at the start and got all the way down to ISO800 @ 5 seconds at totality had a great night and lovely clear skies, dew was terrible tho and i forgot my dew strap
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