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  1. Guiding tonite! (not sure for how long though!)

  2. fitting DIY Dew heater to guide scope and finishing spiral cable wrapping.

  3. Guiding tonite! (not sure for how long though!)

  4. Darn fireworks - They dam near filled up the hard disk on the obsrevatory computer as they triggered my meteor camera over 250 times last night.

  5. Jupiter season is near! i cant wait to see how my QHY5L-ii(m) performs on Jupiter compared to my old SPC900.....

  6. witnessed the green flash this morning, what an amazing sight!

  7. New slightly used Nikon D800. Megapixels all over the place.

  8. New slightly used Nikon D800. Megapixels all over the place.

  9. can not decide to go out or not tonight? it looks like it will be clear from about 11pm.......

  10. Hot chocolate with a week dram of whiskey, keep the cold out while I'm hunting globs... It medicinal don't you know!

  11. clear all night tuesday, but winds of 25-30mph.....mhh dont think the guiding will like that :(

  12. anyone else just seen that flare by cass?

  13. My 1100D is back from modding, now I just need a clear night....

  14. Hi im Mick and im glad to meet everone here i have been doing astronomy for over 20 years and always styill learning. Im from County fermanagh Northern Ireland but originally from Dublin

  15. Woke up this morning to a leak in the kitchen. Then a few minutes later part of the ceiling collapsed.

  16. 48hrs of rain coming our way :(

  17. Is there a instant chat messaging group?

  18. So typical working from home this week and the weather is just rubbish!

  19. Evostar 80ED DS Pro ordered.

  20. For a beginner there is a whole lot to take in.

  21. Couldn't bring myself to sell it.

  22. free from work for three days (plus the weekend). What are the odds for getting a clear sky during the nights?

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