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  1. This weather uk suks was windy gale force about half hour ago so took gazebo side panels off now it's like sunny time to do some solar viewing

  2. Just ordered the new version of the book "Turn left at orion" :D

  3. i swear there was a for sale section somewhere? cant find it tho lol

  4. Wow what amazing view of moon , venus and jupiter glad skies cleared here middlesbrough uk i took some images cliff's style will add them on site today :)

  5. i wonder how nights of the year we actually have a cloud free night? must be a VERY low % :(

  6. the m25 is busy tonight ..oh wrong one

  7. Stood outside waiting to see if cloud would clear up. i glace around and am face to face with a wild otter, right outside my front door just outside Norwich,england. he/she must have came from the small River Tud that backs onto the woods i live right beside. My first ever spotting of a wild otter in the flesh ever. beats the clouds and rain hands down.

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