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  1. looks like the 1st clear weekend in about 4 months for me, and ive got no work, might get the scope out as not had a chance since ive moved/work/weather, i know its a full moon and im imaging with a non modded dslr, but hey it dont have to be perfect to get me back into the swing of things lol :)

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    2. tingting44


      nice one Jake! :) was the night overall a good one?.... how did Stu get on with his sexy CCD lol :)

    3. jnc71106


      it was clear and stayed clear while we were there, although the moon and the light skies meant it wasn't perfect. We went down to get try out Stu's new ccd, i didn't take any of my kit with me

    4. tingting44


      sounds a nice night, ah yes the moon would have still been a problem for Stu as he is not imaging in NB is he?

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