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  1. just dusted off the macro filters and welders glass to keep me busy during lockdown and this awful rain and cloud that is now hit the UK

  2. HUH!!!??? am i in the right place??? this is well different....liking it tho

  3. i really need to get back on the imaging bus.....b4 i know it, dark skies will be gone again... :(

  4. loving all these lunar eclipse shots, cracking images everyone! :)

    1. Alien 13

      Alien 13

      I agree but I hope I have not missed any maybe later the Mods can group them somehow

    2. tingting44


      indeed, we need to get a showcase on the go :)

    3. hobsey


      I was going to post mine but it won't really stand out from the crowed.

  5. well could not ask for better weather for the eclipse tonight!!!......im shocked :D

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    2. Seanie1


      Looking like a lot of cloud bubbling up in the SE of England from about midnight onward which looks like it is going to obscure the moon completely....:(

    3. Psychobilly
    4. tingting44



      well that turned out to be a blinder of a night, totally enjoyed every minute of it, and if i got a half decent pic of it, bonus :D

  6. looks like the 1st clear weekend in about 4 months for me, and ive got no work, might get the scope out as not had a chance since ive moved/work/weather, i know its a full moon and im imaging with a non modded dslr, but hey it dont have to be perfect to get me back into the swing of things lol :)

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    2. tingting44


      nice one Jake! :) was the night overall a good one?.... how did Stu get on with his sexy CCD lol :)

    3. jnc71106


      it was clear and stayed clear while we were there, although the moon and the light skies meant it wasn't perfect. We went down to get try out Stu's new ccd, i didn't take any of my kit with me

    4. tingting44


      sounds a nice night, ah yes the moon would have still been a problem for Stu as he is not imaging in NB is he?

  7. , just got to work, got out the car and saw the biggest meteor burn up right over head, it was amazing, made me day haha, I was well surprised seeing such a big one with the full moon out, the moon is looking amazing too, really big and orange lol ☺

    1. ronin


      July 29 was the peak of one of the minor showers that according to Wiki has bright meteors, just not many even at the peak, actually very few. Will say that showers and peaks seem to mean little in terms of what I can observe.

  8. was some pretty amazing sprites going on in the sky last night!

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    2. tingting44


      least you were lucky enough to see a bolt lol i did not see one out of 1500 subs :( sorry to hear it cut your night short tho buddy :(

    3. Uranium235


      Had to go in! The rain turned from a light shower to "you cant see your hand in front of your face" type rain... reminds me of the stuff you get in China/SE Asia.

    4. tingting44


      sounds cool! not for imaging tho, it was very odd here is southampton, we has no thunder or rain all night....but the sky was constantly being lit up by what i think was high level sprites

  9. still no internet! (over 1 month now) and could be another month or 2 till we get it back :( see u all soon, i hope

    1. Knight of Clear Skies

      Knight of Clear Skies

      Sorry to hear that, hope you get it sorted sooner rather than later.

  10. cant wait for tonight's dark site imaging session!!!! :D :D :D

    1. tingting44


      Oh well, that didn't go to plan :(

  11. just went into the garden for a ciggy, and just had a lovely viewing of the ISS, did not even know it was passing over.... :)

  12. the skies are looking clear tomorrow night! i cant wait, i think im going to try imaging the Leo Triplet, astro darkness from 10pm with the 60% moon rising @ 2am so im hoping to get around 4 hours on the Leo Trio

    1. tingting44


      well tonights looking a no go....thanks cloud!

  13. sun is shining, bbq, no work, only thing missing is a bit of solar imaging, but cant be bothered to lug it all and set it up lol

  14. Dam you April fools! you got me Qualia... lol

    1. Qualia


      Great stuff, Ting :-) Curiously, they don't celebrate April Fools until just after Christmas in Spain and it's not nearly so fun.

  15. Very cool about the one way mission to Mars, heard it on the radio earlier! I'll have to have a good read up about it when I get home from work

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    2. nightfisher


      not for me, we are Earthlings not martians

    3. SacRiker
    4. tingting44


      lol, i dont think i could leave my kids...... it would be so lonely too! and if the internet went down you could not even keep in touch with your loved ones :( dont get me wrong id love to be in the history books for all eternity but dont think i could do it lol

  16. :)

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    2. Uranium235


      Oh god... not another BF COD clone...lol. I disowned BF after the pile of tripe BF3 was.

    3. tingting44


      yes makes sense to go for the 400 as you say you have the converter so 800mm + crop will be very nice :)

      oh is it! thanks for the beta, I all ways miss these lol, will check it out when I get home from work this afternoon

      lol Rob :D

      oh oh oh Anthony!!! is it that time for wings and wheels again! better get my tickets booked :D

    4. tingting44


      oh no wings and wheels is not till august is it....

  17. love seeing all these comet pics lately! im really going to have to make the effort....looks clear sunday after about 2am, so that might be my chance.....

    1. JB80


      Had a crack last night, not a great effort but I did catch it. I think the moon was still playing a part. Sunday is probably a better night for it.

  18. nooooooooooo....1 more day till im back at work :(

    1. jnc71106


      dude i only got 1 day off you should be thankful lol

    2. tingting44


      Ah mate 1 day sucks! :(

  19. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! im a bit too merry all ready....the mrs is going to kill me lol....ill be in bed by 11pm id estimate lol :D

    1. jabeoo1


      Brilliant ! I love being wasted and getting the 'look'. It reminds me of being younger :)

    2. Adamar98


      Ha! 'The look' I get that when I'm sober! Have a good one.

  20. really not sure......... :( .......

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    2. tingting44


      then again, you cant beat primes for sharpness..... but primes are big bucks to cover say the 8mm-400mm focal range.....

    3. hobsey


      I did get the 70-200 f4 IS in the end, no astro with it yet but plenty have.

      I will be getting a second hand 200mm 2.8 L at some point as I really don't fancy taking a 1K lens out in the dark where I could trip and drop it.

    4. hobsey
  21. off to cue up for asda black friday!!! hope everyone gets some stuff today, ill be happy as long as i get my 40" LED TV :D

    1. hobsey


      Was that you I saw on the news fighting everyone off for a 40" LED TV?

    2. Luke


      Gosh, did you get the 40 inch Tele Vue? :D Hope you got a bargain! I got me some 15 year old rum, wonder if it can give the single malt a run for its money?

    3. tingting44


      loool no was not me hobsey. i was at asda's....very orderly, no pushing, 15 people in at a time, it was bliss, i picked up my 40" LED full HD tv for £139 so im happy :)

  22. new moon = cloud & rain.....you gotta laugh :D

    1. iksose7


      Or cry again... ;)

    2. SnakeyJ


      Looks like a gap coming through tomorrow night - worth a peep anyway :)

    3. Pete Presland

      Pete Presland

      tonight looks ok and tomorrow i will have to take the pst to work. as for the rest of the week ,no comment!

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