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  1. I've bought a second-hand Skymax 127, and a Celestron Nexstar goto mount. Problem is, the dovetail on the ota is positioned on the underside of the tube, rather than on the side, where I need it. Should I buy tube rings (the Orion 144mm rings seem to be the ones to go for), or can I drill new holes in the tube. How would I go about that? I'm hesitant to open up the ota without really knowing what I'm doing.
  2. One of the thumbscrews on the 1.25" ep holder of my flextube 200p has gone missing. Where can I buy replacements?
  3. Glad to be here. Thanks for replies so far. Been waiting 3 weeks now for my dob to turn up. Still, doing a lot of reading - Illustrated Guide To Astronomical Wonders - and gazing up.
  4. My first post. Hello you guys. Quick thanks for all the useful info I've already gleaned from the forum. OK - I've got a Flextube Auto 200P on order from TS, and I'm going to get a nice WA for it. It had come down to a two horse race b/w the Aero ED 30mm and the William Optics UWAN 28mm (which I'm slightly worried might unbalance the scope). Bu on the TS website, there is this one - the Astro Professional 28mm UWA-82° 2" It looks like the Aero and has the same specs, but is MUCH lighter. Is it a clone? I can find very little about it online. Any advice appreciated.
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