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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for the suggestions. Sorry, I'm a bit of a noob with this stuff. So ideally we shouldn't be powering scopes with a 12v plug from the mains? Strange that it always worked before giving bother. Also that Skywatcher supplies these scopes without the nessecary equipment to power them. I think mine came with a cigarette lighter lead but that was it. I had an external battery pack bought but it won't charge now. Problems, problems! I'll see about getting another power source and hopefully that will work.
  2. Hi Thanks for the reply. In work at the moment so sorry if i missed any of ur questions or hvent answered clearly enough Yeah i have made sure to stringently go through the settings and ensure they are correct, even following youtube videos of people in relatively the same location as myself set theirs up. I usually or rather, used to just use 2 star alignment. The problem seems to be motor related as it attempts to move but then stops and it wont let me slew at all using the handset. Could it be the motors are damaged or the lead is wrecked? Also, i am using a small 12v adapter that came
  3. Hi Folks, I sort of lurk around here from time to time, less so these days as my hobby has been crushed with nothing but problems since I have started. I got a Skywatcher Skymax pro with an EQ5 mount a few years back (2012) from WEX. Since day one I had problems with it cutting out and needing switched off and on. Sometimes it would stop tracking, sometimes it would try to find stuff beyond the horizon despite the handset controls being entered correctly and the star being above me. Lately it has decided not to slew at all. I am sure all my handset settings are correct (correct month to da
  4. Loving the avatar 'brown dwarf'!
  5. I haven't looked but I have a Canon 60D so I am not sure what the quickest shutter speed i can get with that but probably not what you suggested. thanks for the tips though!
  6. I haven't looked but I have a Canon 60D so I am not sure what the quickest shutter speed i can get with that but probably not what you suggested. thanks for the tips though!
  7. I am guessing my SW180 pro has too strong magnification to get a shot like this? I'm assuming because i can't even get a full moon in it and obviously the moon and sun are the same size with regards to perception. But if i got solar film I should be able to get shots similar to this?
  8. What equipment did you use for this shot? I am super jealous!
  9. I always understood Macs to be the choice of the creative and technologically minded person, so I must admit I found it a tad strange to find such an aversion to Mac with most stacking or imaging software I have seen. Although I PC is Windows 7 and as it pains me to say, it is the best WIndows OS ever, by a country mile.
  10. I'm not sure if you are allowed to swear on this forum (new comer) but HOLY SHINGLES! That was my response on seeing that picture with maybe a slight alteration to the second word.
  11. This is one of my single shot pictures of Jupiter and the transit of Io with just my Skywatcher Skymax 180 pro and Canon 60D
  12. Cheers guys, Eh lets see, my process was just take a low res video on my canon 60D then convert the file to AVI. Then i centred the pictures of the video with castrator. Then into autostakkert to stack and finally registax to alter a few things and bring out detail. Literally my first time ever and this was my first result. I'm hoping for a clear night soon then I'll be going hell for leather to get the best I can, i understand my SW180 should do some good stuff when i get it sorted. I took one minute of footage so it came out to be about 1800 frames and then selected I think the best 3
  13. Now that is an idea.. would be nice to sit in my warm study which is adjacent to my observing site anyway. I also have to get my big slow PC up and running because i only use Macs and from what I've seen there isn't a lot software wise for the mac to do astrophotography etc. Not a big problem though
  14. Cheers guys (and girls), you certainly know how to make a guy feel welcome round here
  15. My first attempt at using stacking instead of a single shot. Took a minute long video using my Canon 60D and stacked it using Autostakkert and Registax. Jupiter was behind some thin clouds and dense light pollution but you can just about make out the shadow of Io as it transited the planet. Oh and this is through my Skywatcher Skymax 180 pro on an eq5 mount. This was my first real attempt at photographing jupiter and learnt some valuable stuff for when the sky next clears up. Which isn't anytime soon in this rainy country.
  16. Welcome my fellow celt! Ya have picked a great time to start. The cold winter months should bring in some crisp clear skies and the king of the planets is rising higher and higher!
  17. Absolutely stunning! Would love to get anything close to this. The colours are perfect in my opinion, against the cold blacks of space the more colour the more eye catching it becomes.
  18. Both great ideas, thanks. Are the standalone autoguiders any good as I don't have a fully functioning laptop at the moment so was thinking of them to save bringing a computer into the equation. However if it were better to do so then I would have to give it some serious thought and add a laptop to my christmas list.. my ever growing christmas list.
  19. The mars sized planet colliding with the earth is certainly the prevalent theory amongst scientists. I believe I read that if it weren't for Saturn's immense gravitational pull that we would similarly witness Saturn's rings coming together to form moons in much the same way they have theorised that the ring of debris around earth formed our moon.
  20. Nice work mate. In particular love the last one with the pleides and Jupiter emerging from the trees.
  21. I am in no way, shape or form qualified to comment critically. However I can comment artistically and I think it looks awesome. Beautiful colours and detail.
  22. Cheers mate! Obsession can be a good thing, I don't know why it always gets used negatively.
  23. Looking some advice on guiding as it really has been a bit overwhelming the amount of information on it but in particular the lack of information I have found relating to my particular scope. I have a Skywatcher Skymax 180 pro on a eq5 mount. What I gather from guiding is I need another scope piggybacked on my scope for a guiding camera to place into. However I don't think or haven't seen any way to piggyback on a mak. Been looking at the Synguider and Orion starshoot and have been wondering if using my finderscope on the mak would be possible? I also seen another 'adaptor' that allows phot
  24. Duanebryars

    Hey guys

    Well I have been a long term reader of this forum for tips and I have finally decided to post as I need a few tips and answers tailored to my problems. So I hope ya'll like being pestered. What can I say about myself? I am 25 years old and from Northern Ireland. Been into astronomy since I was taken on a school trip to view the stars in a dark forest when I was about 10 years old. Big into science and technology in general and am considered by most to be a geek, although I consider it a badge of merit. I have a Skywatcher Skymax 180 pro and a Canon 60D (unmodified) for imaging. Any wa
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