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  1. Thanks for this guide Michael, I feel I've made a big step forward now after struggling for a few weeks. Paul
  2. Mine arrived a few minutes ago as well, yes good service from Baader once issue had been confirmed.
  3. I think the understanding is that yes, that would all turn up at the same time! 1000 lorries over 2 one-week periods. 24/7 during those periods...
  4. Rother Valley Optics had been talking to Baader about this on my behalf and said Baader had admitted there is an issue on some filters and had agreed to replace the filter. Went to Baader website to double-check their email address and found this: http://www.baader-planetarium.de/news/baader_news.htm Translated by Google from German to English:October 2015 - RECALL for Baader 1¼ "O-III CCD Narrowband filter (# 245 8435)For over 25 years Baader Planetarium astronomical manufactures filters for the first time during this period is a small number of 1¼." OIII CCD Narrowband Filter with 8,5nm HWB
  5. I use a year round -10 with my 314L+, found it was working a bit hard on warm August nights if I went any lower.
  6. Don't worry Tony, we're a friendly bunch at NAS Come along one club night (Fridays) and have a chat. Membership is well worthwhile, plenty of people to help you out on clear Fridays. Membership info here by the way: http://www.norwichastro.org.uk/membership
  7. Hmm, here's an example using my Baader OIII (1200s sub): Not as pronounced as MattJenko's example, but also nothing like Mike Hawtin's example. Should I be looking for replacement as well?
  8. Clear skies last night and managed to squeeze 4 hours of imaging in. Processed this morning and all looking good (in terms of star shape anyway!), so I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to this thread - you've been a great help M101 and NGC 5422. 6x600s each for LRGB, stars RGB only.
  9. Have made the final (for now!) stiffening adjustments to my setup. New aluminium bar and double clamps. Bolted to WO scope rings with M5 bolts. Clamps bolted to bar with M10 bolts. Drilling the holes was a tale of two halves. The M5 holes were drilled handheld with the HSS drill bits supplied with drill - took nearly 1/2 hour for each hole. The M10 holes were drilled using a cheap drill stand, and I bought a new mid-price drill bit set. Took about 15 seconds each!! Looking clear for tomorrow night, so potential guiding issues aside, hoping to make a step forward.
  10. I was referring to the tension adjustment rather than locking screw. e.g.: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/blog/adjusting-skywatcher-equinox-focuser-tension.html I removed the locking screw as it go in the way of the motor bracket and as you say I assumed the motor would hold the drawtube. The single flattener screw isn't in active use (only as a backup). The Hotech flattener uses expanding rubber O rings to lock into place so is 'self centering'. The Skywatcher flattener I had before certainly had some movement with the single locking screw though, which is why I changed to the Hotech! Sorr
  11. I did buy 2 clamps so will look at that. They don't sit well on a skywatcher vixen bar, so I guess it's off to FLO again to find some sort of plate to mount on the tube rings! You did help me a couple of months back with loose focuser. It's all as tight as it can be now. I've adjusted focuser tension as stiff as feels sensible. Should I keep adjusting tension until the motor focuser can only just move the drawtube? Or just enough until there is minimal play? Would love a Moonlite Yes, I'll try a few things. Does my unguided PHD graph look 'normal' though do you think? Paul
  12. Thanks kalasinman, that makes sense. Might need another counterweight though!
  13. Does the graph look normal then do you think? Others have commented that the RA looked jumpy previously so although I'm trying different PHD settings (and I was over-correcting originally) I'd like to eliminate or identify any other sources of jumpiness. If the above graph is the result of PE then I was surprised that the cycle took 20 minutes, I thought a PE cycle for an HEQ5 Pro was around 10 minutes?
  14. Stars are looking a lot better now, 200% centre crop. 1200s Ha: The RA guiding is still very jumpy though. As one line of enquiry I turned off guide output and here is the guiding graph covering around 20 minutes: Does this look 'normal'? Period Error wouldn't look like this would it? Was hoping to run for an hour or more to look for PE but clouds stopped play as you can see
  15. Latest improvements now ready for testing when clear skies return. 1) I've changed the Skywatcher dovetail bar for a William Optics Vixen Long Dovetail Plate. Would have liked to move to Losmandy but that is out of budget for now. The new plate gives a nice flat surface though, and feels a lot sturdier than the old dovetail bar. 2) I've added a pair of William Optics CNC tube rings. Again they feel a LOT more solid than the Skywatcher ones I had. They also have nice flat surfaces top and bottom and I was able to screw them down to the dovetail plate with three screws each rather than the sin
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