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  1. Yeah, The tripod is doing me well at the mo andvery happy with it, may upgrade only if I decide to get 25x100 bins. The Evostar 90 has surprised me to be honest, but looking to get it to a dark site to get the best out of it. And again, another bargain at £70!!
  2. Just bought 'Binocular Astronomy' by Stephen Tonkin, off Amazon for £5.92 inc p&p!! Gotta wait a fortnight as it is from the US. Something to look forward to I suppose.
  3. How about a guide to 'Dark Sites' of the UK? Is there one about??
  4. Hi Astroman, Try looking on 'Gumtree' there are some bargains on there. That's where I got them. )
  5. Hi Jon, I find the Skymasters an excellent piece of kit, you will find M31 no problem i'm sure. I have since moved to the 20x80s and also awaiting delivery on the Celestron 10x50s. There are many fine sights to be seen with your binos, I personally enjoy 'The Skiing Cluster'in Cassiopeia. Enjoy them and welcome to SGL. Clear Skies.
  6. Hi Everyone. I just bought myself a pair of Skymaster 10x50 Bins for £12 today. Bought them second hand and in immaculate condition, I got them as a pair of 'grab and go', and to accompany my other kit. I think they're a bargain, has anybody got these bins??? I think they are the 'Up Close' model. Clear Skies.
  7. Nick, I just noticed that I used the incorrect NGC number.
  8. Thanks Double Kick Drum, I will take that on board on my next session. Clear Skies.
  9. Cheers Nick, I will do that. It saves swinging the scope around wondering what I will look next. I will start with Cassiopeia as it is full of interesting sites. Clear Skies.
  10. Well done on catching the Crab! I got it last weekend and was chuffed to bits. Had a look at it last night again, and now it is easier to find. I bagged 'The Eskimo Nebula' last night, took over an hour to find. Seems fainter than the Crab, but was lower from where I was. Well done again.
  11. Yep, In the early hours of this morning and after spending a hour scanning back and forth I finally found NGC 457-The Eskimo Nebula. Obviously not much to look at in my 90mm,a very,very faint blob of fuzz. I used my Super 25mm as I thought it may be easier having a wide field to look at. This so far has been for me my toughest piece of observing yet (in my opinion). I had a quick fire bagging of M36,M37 and M38, although I did find myself muttering "My god, look at that",(as you do) Had a visit to M1 and down to Jupiter with her moons in a nice
  12. John, I just put that book in my basket. £4.41. Cheers.
  13. John, I just put that book in my basket. £4.41. Cheers.
  14. Finding the Crab seemed like a Gold medal to me, and I felt the same when I found M81 and M81. Cheers John, I will look for that book on Amazon in a minute, I also want to find a download of the Messier Marathon. Cheers all.
  15. Hi, I got 'The Practical Astronomer' book that I use later to confirm my sightings, an excellent read too. Welcome to SGL.
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