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    I'm an Atheist (no doubt at all). I love science, movies reading & swimming. I'm trying to lose weight I'm learning the ukulele. I'm a lefty (handed and in politics). I use a Mac.
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  1. This looks very interesting to me. I want to do this, I would like to take simple snaps of what my daughter and I observe as a very basic record. I'm definitely going to have a go at this. One day I'd like to have a go at astro-photography, but I'll need a different scope than my current dob. But I had such fun observing the sun with my DIY solar filters I think astronomy on a shoestring could be fun. I think this webcam project and some setting circles could be fun to do. I'll post pics as I attempt this project later.
  2. Me and my daughter got up at 4 and walked to our chosen vantage point, but alas no luck just cloud. But we had to try, just in case. But that's science for you sometimes you just can't beat your circumstances, but you still try. If we didn't try and the sky was clear I would have regretted the lost opportunity. You can always sleep in another time and there is so much for us to still discover together.
  3. Yeah, well It all looks like a waste of time. But I will still get up and walk up the hill to the playing field at the local here (Aston), hoping to see something. I'm not even sure I'll have line of sight, I'm just trying to get as high as possible. I don't drive so it's got to be walk-able from where I am and as pretty as Stevenage is there's just too many buildings and woodland in the way of the horizon. For that reason I'll only be using the 20x50 bins. I tried them out and the disk of the sun fit's nicely in the view. I saw some dark patches on the sun. I assume these could be sun spots but I'll have to read up on it. So here's hoping there's a break in the cloud to observe the event. At the end of it all I'll be able to observe the sun any time in the future as long as I look after the filters.
  4. Here are the filters I constructed with the A4 sheet of Baader solar filter.
  5. Pedronski

    Solar Filter

    Here are the solar filters I constructed with a Baader Solar Filter (A4 sheet)
  6. I used Baader Solar Filter sheet (A4). It came with instruction on how to construct the filter.
  7. I used a Baader Solar Filter sheet, it comes with instructions on how to construct a filter.
  8. I was planning to. I built a set of filters for my scope. But after looking for where the sun rises and just how short the window of opportunity is on SkySafari, I pretty much think it's out of the question. I just don't have the line of sight that low to the horizon. But it looks like the weather is going to screw it up for us anyway.
  9. I'm in Shephall, near The Hyde. Next clear night we should meet up. Might have to wait a bit though looks like a solid week of cloud :-(
  10. Hi, I'm Peter from Stevenage. I've a Sky-watcher Sky-liner 200P Dobsonian with 25, 20 and 4mm eyepieces. Finally had some cloudless sky's last weekend. Saw Saturn, Mars and spent the rest of the night learning to navigate the sky. I'm looking forward to the next clear night but the nights are very short and are getting shorter. Light pollution is a problem too. But I'm hoping that the street lights are going to be switched off in my area soon.
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