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  1. Yes these are quite nice Japanese eyepiece, they are the the 4 element version, the main way to ID them is that Japan is stamped on the chrome barrel, the 5-elements with rubber grip/cups had Japan stamped on the black body of the eyepiece. Also if you have the boxes, the 5-element serials ended with a 01, while the 4-element serials ended with an 02. Good luck with the sale!
  2. These are quite rare. Sharp and well built Russian optics. Optics are in perfect condition, with a yellow hue to the AR coating. Was part of a bino pair, but due to a change in telescopes it was no longer being used, so one of the EP's is for sale. Note photo is not mine and was taken from the internet, actual photo available upon request. Looking for similar hard to find vintage eyepieces in trade. Example: Meade RG 7mm Ortho, 1st Gen Silvertop 22mm plossl but open to other trades as well. Cash on my end is possible for the right EP. I suppose the value would be in the 40G
  3. Hello everyone, Currently in the process of building a quick setup Alt-Az rig, I have more or less narrowed it down to the aforementioned mounts. I have searched for and found a topic with the same question, however it is over a year old without a specific answer. The mounts seem more a like than different and personally I do not think I can go wrong with either based on the specifications, but was hoping to tap into the collective knowledge of the forum to see if anyone has hands on experience with either (hopefully both) and could steer me in the right direction. The mount will most likely
  4. Not really big on barlows, but I do have a TAL 2x on hand and it is indeed quite nice, has a slightly yellowish tinge similar to Tele-vue optics to it though. Just received a Baader Q-barlow 2.25x in the mail and am anxious to see how the two compare, the Q-barlow is getting some excellent reviews for its optics. Can report back, if there is any interest (and the clear skies hold out through the weekend).
  5. Shouldn't be an issue, as above carefully blow away all debris from the optical element before cleaning. Clean with whatever fluid you prefer, I tend to use isopropyl or ethanol alchohol and a second pass with distilled water on all of my optical elements, it has served me fine through the years, Baader woderfluid is also an option, though I do not have first hand experience with it. Regards, Eigen
  6. If anyone is still looking, TS seem to have them in stock. http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/index.php/cat/c63_Zubehoer-----Astronomie---diverses.html Quite expensive for a piece of rubber though.
  7. The human eye isn't sensitive enough to pick up on differences of such small magnitude. One mirror would have to be quite severely oxidized/blemished before you could visually pickup on a brightness falloff between the two.
  8. A word of warning. Scopecity is defunct, has been for quite a while now. I was under the impression, that the ordering mechanism has already been disabled. If not, I would stay clear.
  9. The TAL 2x front element unscrews jimmyjamjoejoe. In fact the entire barlow is "screwed" together and composed of 3 metal elements. Perhaps there is some variation, though, I wouldn't force it. Strange that you guys hadn't noticed this fact before, I was under the impression it was general knowledge? I've been using it on my binoviewer and it does a splendid job though it tends to work at ~3X. For straight onto eyepiece I tend to use it for shorter FL eyepieces, as John has said it has quite a small aperture.
  10. Nice to know it worked out for you as well. I am quite pleased with the diagonal really complements the SCT aesthetically, performance wise I have not had enough time behind the eyepiece to say but it is looking quite good.The eyepiece is a bit on the heavy side, but based on observation thus far definitely a keeper! For the price I am on cloud nine.
  11. If you are indeed using a 1.25 focuser be aware that the aspheric is a 2 inch eyepiece, even though it comes with the 1.25 adapter. This means that its FOV will be severely limited when being using in a 1.25 configuration. Personally I would probably go for an ES82 of Meade UWA as I have looked through them in the past. UWAN's seem to get good reviews so are probably in the same league, but I have not had a chance to test them. The Meade's can be had for quite a good price from Telescope House and are about 30-40 pounds cheaper than the other two alternatives.
  12. I tend to prefer using skippysky.com.au. They both use the same data, however skippysky shows the user much more info in my opinion. I find it to be on the money in terms of seeing and particularly in cloud formations. In fact, of all my online sources of cloud coverage I find skippysky to be at the top. Very very accurate. My apartment looks over the Mediterranean and if I see clouds way off in the distance predicted by skippysky later in the day, they are almost always there off in the distance as predicted.
  13. I have no doubt that you will out do me with the 115 APM of yours. All I have at my disposal with me is an LX200 8incher and a 5 inch mak. I am afraid that Sirius might be a bit of a stretch, but I will give it a try next time the seeing is good, which is really what it boils down to in the end. Splitting Rigel, which is quite similar l is not problem, but Sirius is a bit tougher. hwsoderlund, agreed, if you sell the diagonal you basically get a 24UWA for peanuts. Lets us know how you get on with the EP when it arrives.
  14. Stargazing00, will be happy to take you up on that offer next time I am in the UK. Alan, yes I am living in Nice at the moment, unfortunately this entails the dreaded French customs. I tend to avoid ordering from outside the EU, but this was just one of those deals. Gamma is one of my favorite doubles, beautiful pair and fairly tight with about 4" separation, just about split able in the ~65X+ region, looks great at 140X. Well worth the move to the other side of the house in my opinion. Another one to check out tonight, would be h3945 Canis Majoris, the winter Albireo, lovely gold and blue.
  15. Hey Alan, I wish I had recieved the package. Yesterday was some of the best seeing I have had in months, the split on Gamma Leonis was breathtaking, 300+ mag skies with no issue, perfect airy disks. Needless to say everything else was just as good, I don't remember spending so much time on NGC2392 the steadiness really helped coax some previously unseen detail from within the nebula. But alas the package is still on its way, or stuck in French customs somewhere. Will be sure to post what I think of the combination, when it arrives. Stargazing00, agreed the deal is quite literally unbelievabl
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