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  1. Welcome to SGL. I also wondered why after deciding to buy a scope some weeks ago we then suffered wall-to-wall cloud for over four weeks - i guess it's just a passing phase lol
  2. Hi guys n gals, you can add me to your group. I know this post is a tad old but in celestial terms it's still current !
  3. I was viewing Saturn last night and at 23:31 saw a faint light move across my view i was shocked as i had a 10mm and a 2x Barlow so i loaded up Stellarium and wound back time, turned out to be satellite ERBS 1984-108B which is an earth radiation budget measuring satellite launched from space shuttle Challenger on mission six. It's the one which had to be 'shaken' with the robotic arm in order to get the solar array to extend properly. Just thought you might like the info
  4. Hi and welcome - i'm new here myself and SGL is the place to be. Lots of help here from friendly people. There is a wealth of info on this site alone not to mention some fantastic photos/guides etc. If you want more Google & Youtube are also good and for more awe-inspiring stuff try http://science.nasa.gov/ or http://hubblesite.org/gallery/ just remember even with a telescope what you see will not resemble those fantastic views !
  5. Weights are used to balance the scope, it should stay where it's put when the clamps are dissengaged (easier to use) but also to put less strain on the motor drive.
  6. Thanks all once again for the answers. The 10mm does 'look' clear best as i can tell, i have treated it to a cotton bud and a bit of 'huff' as i'm guessing it was probably not getting much use from it's previous owner. Hoping i can try again tonight and maybe *fingers crossed* get more than a ten minute window in the clouds.
  7. I know there is a lot of chat and advise about recommended EP's so i don't want to ask questions that have already been answered but there are a couple of points i'm unsure about. I managed to get about 10 mins of clear sky last night and although i don't think the seeing was very good, i was shocked at the poor clarity of my 10mm EP. With the 25mm everything looked crystal clear but with 750mm f/l viewing was no better than with the naked eye (x30 mag). Swapping to the 10mm i assumed i'd get x75 but the image was almost 'smokey' like looking through a foggy day, and with the x2 Barlow it was
  8. Thank you all for the warm welcome, i live on the top of the Berwyn mountains across the valley from the Pondarosa (about 3 miles ESE). Current viewing is through my bedroom window as i get above some trees to spot Venus, however for longer term use i have a patio (and yes... a BBQ !)
  9. It seems appropriate that i should give a small introduction so without reciting my entire life story (and assuming it's still so cloudy that someone is actually going to read this !) here goes: Life The Universe & Everything I live in Llangollen North Wales and (just to annoy you) on the top of a mountain with no street lights, no neighbours (worth noting !) and no large towns/cities nearby. Oh and a wife who is just as interested in astronomy as me ! I spent 10 years as an electronics engineer in the Royal Air Force followed by 6 years as an IT field engineer, this was followed by a few
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