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  1. Hello! I'd give you a wave but there are some big mountain's between us!
  2. I've only been here a year and the darkness still gets me. We live in a small township with not a lot of houses so I can literally walk out of our house at night and not be able to see the car parked 20 ft away! One your eyes get light adapted after a minute you can see but its scary at first. Its also sooooop quiet.....
  3. Some parts are. Unfortunately I live near-ish to the main town of Portree so get a little bit of light pollution from there but it only knocks it down to a 2.
  4. So true! We got one out of three last night - it got dark...
  5. Interesting, thanks. I guess you take a reading and then decide if its worth getting a scope out?
  6. Just checked, no other people's readings near me unfortunately. Only 2 on the whole of the Skye!
  7. Excellent, thanks for that. Will give it a go next time I get a clear night.
  8. Would love the get hold of a proper SQM to see how accurate the website is. It is pretty dark here though, must get around to trying to properly estimating how dark it actually is.
  9. Pretty happy with my results... Shame it doesn't take into account the wet weather though.
  10. So I got a SynScan WiFi adapter from FLO today to go with my AZ-EQ6 GT mount. I plugged it in, downloaded the SynScan Pro Android software onto my Samsung S7, connected to the new access point and tried to connect. "Cannot connect" the phone shouted at me! Tried several times, rebooted the phone, rebooted the mount, un-installed and re-installed the software, but phone said no. I then Used IP tools on the phone and this verified that my phone was connected to the SynsScan Wifi, had an IP address of and that I could ping the telescope on So, I went and got my android tablet and Bingo! - connected first time. So started to compare the settings on the two and eventually found the problem! In the SynScan Pro app, if you go to "Settings" and then "Connect Settings", there are three buttons across the top - "Network", "Emulator" and "Serial". I found that on my phone for some reason "Serial" was selected. Once I clicked "Network" and tried to connect again it connected first time with no problem! The annoying thing is that with "serial" connected, the "No connection screen shows you the network SSID you are connected to, which leads you to believe you are connecting via the network! So after spending ages trying to fix this I thought I would post this little tales in the hope that it may be useful to others in the future.
  11. According to my Milburn Wedge instructions, the "B" bolts are 5/16"-18 UNC and the "A" screws are #8-32 UNC.
  12. Many thanks Steve for sorting me out with my new mount. The last of the ADM bits arrived this morning so time to get building (qhile I'm waiting for the snow to pass over).
  13. Thanks for that Steve - I'll drop you an e-mail this morning. Cheers.
  14. Do you think there's likely to be a reduction on the AZ EQ6-GT? I'm eager to buy one but have noticed a few retailers are doing them around the £1365 mark, and I know price isn't everything but that's quite a difference!
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