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  1. Added to the collection, cheers John!
  2. Thanks to all! Seems like a great place, especially for beginners! Loving it already mate, looking at buying a few new lenses, had a clear sight of Saturn on the first night for about 3 hours, now just need to see it in a bit more detail!! Cheers for the scope bud, it's gone to a good home! Haha, no doubt; especially if you were hoping to do a bit last night!! I've actually just moved from Stoneclough which is even closer to you! I know without a doubt I'll still be amazed. Without a telescope I've always loved looking up at night so to actually get a little bit closer and see what's going on up there is unreal.
  3. Brill, thanks very much for the advice.
  4. Cheers for that John. Will definitely be buying the 10mm SkyWatcher SP. When you say buy 2, do you mean as opposed to getting the Barlow lens and getting say a 20mm SP too??
  5. Cheers guys. Don't suppose you could offer any advice in this thread? http://stargazerslounge.com/showthread.php?p=2299071#post2299071
  6. Hi all, Recently bought my first scope and had joy viewing Saturn on the first night, albeit extremely small. I've got a Celestron AstroMaster 130 that came with a 10mm and a 20mm lens. I managed to get a small, clear view of Saturn using the 10mm and now really want to know where to go to with regards to an upgrade. I've heard TAL Barlow X2 being banded about and just wondered where to go to pick these things up? Or if I need a specific size/type for the model of telescope I'm using? Please forgive any stupid questions, really new to all this so trying to understand threads about lenses and getting set up to take photographs is quite difficult when everyone is talking shop!! Appreciate any feedback!! Cheers, Derek
  7. Thanks to all for the welcomes! Like I say,I'm new to all of this but if I can help out in any way I'm always willing. I might just do that mate, need all the advice and guidance I can get so it would be good to see how someone with experience operates!
  8. I know exactly what you mean! Bought my first telescope on Saturday, spent Saturday night just staring in amazement at Saturn. The neighbours must think I'm a lunatic, constantly saying wow or laughing!! That was using a 20mm lens so it was really small, I'd probably pass out if I was to ever see the rings in detail!!
  9. Hi all, My name is Derek, 24 from Bolton. My first telescope was my prized possession at the age of about 10, but ended up losing and never replacing it. Having always been keen to buy another I decided a week ago to start researching what would be a decent starter scope and have subsequently purchased my second telescope from a member of this forum who recommended I join, an Astromaster 130, and have just started to get to grips with it. Had an absolutely fantastic view of Saturn all night on Saturday from where I live!! Was extremely small but when I brought it into focus it was easily the most WOW moment I've ever had, absolutely unreal. Already on the look out for more lenses to enhance what I can see, will also hope to pick a few brains here to help me get understand everything!
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