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  1. Hi a quick question.  I have found my polarscope illuminator doesn't contain a battery.  I don't know if I lost it when unpacking my Adventurer Mini, but a certainly haven't found it.

    Can anyone confirm the button battery I need to get?  I suspect in might well be the CR2032.


  2. 2 hours ago, Cosmic Geoff said:

    Dare I ask what the problem is? If the handset works, why the need to upgrade? 


    Here is the reason!  https://www.nexstarsite.com/OddsNEnds/GPSRollover.htm

    Throughout that time, Celestron used GPS receivers from a variety of manufacturers. Some of the receivers are affected by the week rollover and some are not. As of April 2019, the following are known to be affected 

    • CPC mounts manufactured up until sometime in 2012
    • CN-16 modules
    • NexStar 8/11 GPS mounts manufactured after sometime in late 2002, generally shipped with the version 2.2 hand control.  These mounts are actually reporting a date 17 years in the past.
    • NexStar 9.25 GPS mounts.  These mounts are actually reporting a date 17 years in the past.

    I've soldiered on setting date/time manually since 2019, but I may be parting with my trusted NexStar GPS 9.25" soon so I feel I should install the update and have the kit working as it should.

  3. Well Still no definate proof what vesion the handset is.  Seems to be a V4, but when I try to update its firmware I stick on the very first stage. so possibly it isn't. 

    One is supposed to hold down the hand control's UNDO and INFO buttons at the same time and turn on the power to the scope. Release the buttons and the hand control should now display "Transmit Data...".  Mine doesn't - it just starts.



  4. Well I'm not an expert as I only had mine on Wednesday.  I haven't found the manual terrible helpful.  But I assume from what you say you do not want the SAM (Star Adventurer Mini) to control your camera.  If that is the case your camera must have an interval timer as a feature so you can set that seperately from the SAM yourself.  The SAM will only control the shots if you have one of the cameras listed in the manual and you have obtained a connecting cable. 

    I have managed to get mine to work, though it has not been clear enough to take it outside yet.  If you are controlling the camera yourself I suggest:

    1: set up the SAM.  I am just aligning it manually with the sight on top while I'm getting to know it.

    2: Sit your camera on it and programme the interval timer.

    3: Set up the network connection and start the App on your phone.

    4: When it is connected to the SAM you must enter our Location (I think (hope) you only have to do this once.

    5: Choose your slew speed - Sidereal Solar etc.  Ignore everything else.

    6: select "RUN"

    7: Start the interval timer on your camera.

    8: switch off the SAM when the camera has finished.

    Well that what I'm going to try the next clear night we have.





  5. I use the Telegizmos cover with my Nexstar 9.25" and it certainly seems an ideal all-weather cover.  Especially on those hot, sunny summer days that seem so rare.  During a gale it did fly away once when I didn't secure it properly, but with it's silvered surface it was easy enough to spot a couple of fields away! I did buy a size larger than the one recommended for my scope as I have a Telrad fitted and Telegizmos warn the it could tear the fabric.   I know they are costly, but they are looking after an expensive and delicate piece of kit in all kinds of weather.


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  6. 35 minutes ago, ollypenrice said:

    We are not pre-industrial beings any more, our world view has changed, but as well as having more capabilities at our disposal we also have more constraints. We don't, for instance, believe in magic. We don't believe in witchcraft. We don't believe in alchemy. We don't believe in fortune telling or astrology. Whether or not we believe in miracles is not for this forum. So one might argue that our view of 'what might or might not be possible' has has been constrained by more that it has been liberated.


    Point well made Olly!  A wandering asteroid might also end the argument anyway!

  7. Yes that is my handset.  Sorry about the misunderstanding! 

    I've installed the HCupdate software on my Windows 10 PC.  It runs fine on Windows 10 but you must go through the W10 compatibility  routine and designate Windows 7.

    I have then followed the instructions from https://www.nexstarsite.com/OddsNEnds/HCFirmwareUpgradeHowToVersion4.htm up to the point where you are instructed to hold down the the INFO and  UNDO buttons as you switch on the power.

    That's when it all goes wrong.  All I get is the information on, what I presume, is the first Star in the catalogue.

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  8. 3 hours ago, newbie alert said:

    Is it a nexstar+ or a nexstar* handset?

    I'm not sure what the NexStar* handset is  but I am pretty sure mine is one of the earlier ones, but can be updated.  The previous owner passed on the necessary connecting cable to me on purchase.  However when I follow the instructions to put it in programmable mode (Hold down the hand control's UNDO and INFO buttons at the same time and turn on the power to the scope)  I simple get Star information.  My kit is usable as there is a work around by editing the date during setup,  But it would be nice to have mastered doing the update.

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