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  1. Thank you Lee, I am glad to hear you have enjoyed it. I'd much prefer to be able to do it in three years, but sadly it's too much financial hardship Chrissy
  2. Thank you! I am excited but a bit nervous about it, just the amount of work and fitting it around my job and other commitments. I almost went for Physics again myself, but more drawn to the Astronomy. 5 months more freedom then eh? then head down for SIX years!!
  3. Hey guys, I am starting the BSc Natural Sciences (Pathway in Astronomy and planetary science) in October. At the moment, I am not too worried about the subject matter, especially as it begins with S104 - which looks like a great module. But the work load? How have you guys found it? And..the Maths, how has that been. Not my strongest point! I work in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry so hoping that part of it won't be too bad, and I studied and somehow passed Physics for a year. Any suggestions/advice gratefully accepted! Or shall I run now whilst I have the chance?
  4. Wow...thank you so much everyone for the warm welcome! I am tempted by the Skywatcher 130p Dobsonian..it's within my price range at the moment and it has fairly good reviews. I will do a bit more research before I decide though. Gah, raining yet again. Stop it, stop it now! Clear skies please
  5. I will take my time to have a look about, we are about to lose the sky for a few months aren't we? Well, it's after my bedtime at least! Lots to look at on here, so thank you all for your advice
  6. Hi Chris, It is pretty awesome! Certainly worth the £4 a year fee At the moment, we are halfway through "Astronomy for beginners" on Wednesday nights, it's £2 per session and although very basic, it's lively and the speakers are warm and welcoming. The sessions start at 8pm, a lecture first and then refreshments and either looking at the telescopes, another talk and next week I believe there is a guided tour of the Institute and library. There is also a couple of guest speakers coming up, Friday the 18th May and Friday the 25th. And there are 2 childrens clubs as well. There will be a trip to Greenwich Observatory on the 30th June. The club also has free telescopes to borrow and the library at the Institute is also free to use.
  7. Brilliant, thank you. I will have a look at the links here. I won't be using the telescope for photography (crikey, I can barely get my camera on my phone to work!) Now if I can just find the time to get out there, and if it's not raining!
  8. Thank you for the welcome guys Naemeth, Ooo....that sounds very much indeed what I am looking for Can you recommend where to purchase it, online for example?
  9. Hello everyone Lovely little forum here! Hope to be part of it. Well, I live near Cambridge and have recently joined the CAA which meets at The Institute of Astronomy - anyone know it or attend on this forum? I have been going for a couple of weeks now and have enjoyed it very much. I am hoping to make some chums and chumettes as none of my friends are really into Science nor Astronomy I work in Analytical chemistry, have completed and passed a Physics course (mmm...Physics love it ) I am now studying a diploma in Astronomy and start a degree in Natural Sciences in the Autumn. Pretty much means, I never seem to get outside to star gaze as I am usually found buried in a text book! Also, can anyone recommend a good reasonbly priced telescope please? have been using binoculars but fancy an upgrade Chrissy
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