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  1. I`ve got a key that i can take off maintanance panel on my annoying strret light. Then just pull out fuse which turns the light off, easy! When i`ve finished observing i just pop round and plug fuse back in, stick panel back on and bobs ya uncle! I have been doing this for a while with no complaints. I always put on my yellow hi-vis coat while i`m doing it... P.S. dont tell anyone! John
  2. Hey all, I`m thinking there is a gap or two in my eyepiece collection and thought some of you helpful people might be able to help? I am currently using the following: Moonfish 30mm 80deg, 24mm Hyperion, 13mm Hyperion, 7mm baader ortho. I do have some other eyepieces from a set but they dont seem as good so tend not to use them. Personally i see there is space for a 5mm and 10mm or barlow. This is where i`m getting stuck and i`m getting a bit lost as to the best `next purchase` . I know this is a common question but would appreciate any advice... I`ve got a budget of £100 per E/P but this as usual is somewhat flexible regards, John M
  3. The Skywatcher mirror has caused the zygo machine to explode and the whole of Crewe is in chaos, just seen it on the news! No not really Maybe we`ll have to wait till the next day? John
  4. Probabaly the most eagerly awaited forum post in the world!.......that reminds me, there`s a cold lager in the fridge!! John
  5. What a lovely well written report, sounds like a brilliant session you had there. I will take inspiration from that and try and improve my own accounts in future... John
  6. Its something I have wondered myself. Mike, I'd be happy to send you a Baader MPCC Visual & Photographic set to test in return for a report on SGL Good move steve...Top man John
  7. Just thought i`d give this a bump as I am saving to buy A 12" skywatcher dob. The last reflector scope i had i was a bit disappointed with the coma so i`d also be interested to hear any views on the MPCC Regards, John
  8. What a great looking setup, Very impressive and the mods are amazing 8) As above, cant wait for a report or three! By the way, where did you get the finderscope? John
  9. Hey Mick, as a relative beginner I am looking forward learning more of what the winter sky has to offer. I feel I know my way round the summer stuff pretty well now so it will be great to build on that. Also, one big aim of mine is to study the Moon in some depth to get a better understanding of the phases and surface features. Really looking forward to that. If there is time/clear skys enough beyond the above, I will be trying my hand at lunar/planetry webcam imaging! All very exciting for a novice like me, Cant wait Regards, John
  10. Thanks Reggie, I`ll get on to him with whay i`m after.... John
  11. Hi, Just seen this thread after a great observing session was all but ruined by heavy dew! I did have out the missus`s hairdryer but thought it was a bit loud after 10.30pm and dont want to annoy the neighbours too much so called it a night. I have a 6" refractor but it was the finder scope and the eyepieces to a degree that were most affected. The objective lens was too but not as bad. With this in mind I have three questions: 1. Would anyone have any recommendations regarding dew control kit that would help? 2. And is it really expensive? 3. Should I just find a Quieter hair dryer!? Cheers, John
  12. True but you had a look didn`t you! I should of said focuser heaven or similar as there is obviously alot more obscenely desirable kit out there but in my small budget scopey world this is quite a big purchase for me... cant stop playing with it! John
  13. Not quite I know but i`m so pleased with this upgrade I thought i`d share a pic with the members.... Moonlite tri Knob duel speed focuser. Upgrade from stock rack and pinion job: (click to enlarge) I haven`t been out with it yet but it was minutes to fit, looks the biz and just feels superb! I will post a short review once i`ve used it on the stars, soon I hope! Thanks for looking, John
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