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  1. Can anyone reccomend a good book for beginner astronomy? Something which includes maybe a map of the sky and the best way to look for objects? There are loads out there but I know how good you guys are so thought I'd ask for your opinion Thank you! Jenni
  2. Thank you all so so much!!! I literally had no idea I feel so stupid now haha but thank you all very much I feel a lot better and more excited about using it!! It has already arrived but I'm going to save opening it for my boyfriends birthday next Wednesday as he loves space and know it'll make his day!!!
  3. Hiya I've just bought my first scope the Skywatcher Skyliner 150P Dobsonian, which I thought was the best one for the money! I'm waiting for it to arrive and am a bit worried about the mount. I'm very new to this so bare with me, I've never even seen a real telescope ha!! Basically, from the pictures I can see that it's got a flat base, will this then mean I will have to put it on the floor and then sit and look through it? Or does it have a flat base and then poles (?) to bring it to eye level?? If it's the first then is there any option to put it on a tripod or something similar?! Like I said bare with me on this I may be sounding really stupid but yeh. Any help would be appreciated!!
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