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  1. I would be chuffed with that nicely done Paul
  2. I don't do solar imaging but very good advice to those that do, makes you wonder how many camera's have met there end that way. Paul
  3. Like it..... absolutely love it, Don't think I have ever seen so much blue around it, makes it a very striking picture. You appear to have a wining combination with your equipment well done Paul
  4. Your never going to get perfection at 14mm, looking at the pics you posted they are pretty darn good, Paul
  5. I don't think I can add anything that has not already been said, I love the 4th picture back a real cracker Nicely done Rodd. Paul
  6. Very nicely done, your eyes are automatically drawn to the cresent, like Sara said it pops out at you. Well done Paul
  7. Beautifully executed on all fronts, the colours are amazing, nice to see this in RGB Nicely done Olly / Paul Paul
  8. cracking set of pictures, I cant make me mind up I like them all, Nicely done Rodd Paul
  9. Nice work around using the network, and it didn't effected your astro artistry, Nicely done Paul
  10. Admire your patience on this project Chris for obtaining all that HA data, then you went back for second helpings for the colour, nicely done Paul
  11. Nice, don't get to see many wide fields on here from down below interesting part of the sky. Well done Paul
  12. Its a lot of money but it does the job well, its very easy to use and no doubt will help you get good PA, once you have good PA then in theory you should keep it all night, unless you accidently move the tripod the Star Adventurer is sitting on assuming you are using a tripod.
  13. Nice, love this part of the sky, so much going on, Steve, what equipment was use on this mosaic, well done Paul
  14. Thanks Guys.... normally i put a slr camera on so underneath or on top didn't really matter After I set the 383l with filter wheel and balanced it all out that's when I thought of Which way up it should go underneath or on top...... ideally I would like it on the side But all the weight on one side would be very problematic to Ballance out....I'll stick it underneath i think I had just better make sure the thumb screws are damn tight... Thanks for the info most helpful Paul
  15. Hi Everyone....bit of a strange question...I have just set my newt up on the mount And I can't remember if it's ok to have my cc'd camera on top of the newt, it occurred To me that the cold in the cc'd chamber would probably frost up the front window On the camera,,,,so my question is ,,,,is it ok on top...or do I have to hang all the gear Underneath the Newtonian telescope..any advice would be greatly appreciated Many thanks Paul
  16. I hear you on the leave well alone front, the only reason I touched it was I was the fact that I was checking it over due to collimation problems when I noticed that one of the thumb screws for the vanes was loose which I thought was odd at the time so I tightened it up to around the same pressure as the other 3 I then checked to see that the secondary was in the middle which it wasn't , then I noticed that where the vane goes into the secondary holder, it was bent a bit and distorted around the fixing screws. I have had 5 newt's over the years for one reason or another have taken the secondary holder out and put back in without issues not sure if there was a small defect on the bend of the vane that fixes to the mirror holder but it needs resolving. I always take the line if its not broken ,don't try and fix it ill drop FLO a email to see if its something they can get thanks laser_jock99 Paul
  17. Do nothing with it...let it bask in its originality Paul
  18. Hi Everyone....I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction to Purchase a new spider for my SW 8 inch CF Quattro, I think I may have Damaged it by over tightening the mounting thumb screws The thin blades on one side have pulled away quite badly... Any help would be appreciated. Paul
  19. I really admire your perseverance on projects like this, obviously it goes without saying you have a lot more clear sky time than us Uk folks but none the less, I take my hat off to you for these and the many other ultra long projects that you start, Its looking great so far, It looks like your on the home run Nicely done Paul
  20. wonderful stuff, well worth every minute spent on it very nice indeed. Paul
  21. We are getting spoilt with these lovely wide field views lately and this is no exception, what's not to like about it, Nicely done Paul
  22. You have spoiled me , love it Paul
  23. Done well to capture it Carole, would love to capture this one myself. Nicely done. Paul
  24. Nice, lots of detail coming through on the nebula and star colours are starting to come through nicely, well done Paul
  25. Lovely capture of a low UK target, Personally I would love to see it just In HA, but ether way cracking job. well done Paul
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