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  1. Thanks James. Less hope it does. Some good nights lately.
  2. Can't resist this one every year. Taken through an ed120 with an Altair 183M. 30 x 3 mins lights and 6 x3 min darks
  3. Clear nights lately but naff seeing here. Always like this area. Still possible to get a reasonable image as long as you keep the magnification down. More detail next month perhaps if the jetstream moves away ? Trevor
  4. The seeing has been bad several nights lately . I always think its like fishing. You never know what you will get until you see the first video files. Nice image though. I always like this area.
  5. Thanks Ron. Also managed to see the moon / venus together earlier this week. Lovely image even on a mobile phone which is all I had at the time
  6. Very sharp and clear. Same scope as me. It doesn't do a bad job at all on the moon. Trevor
  7. Nice images. Lots of detail. Trevor
  8. A few more shots form last night using a x2 barlow. Seeing was not brilliant but pleased with some of the detail. Perhaps more steady tonight !
  9. Looks like several of us were out there last night ! A change to get some clear skies. Taken using an ED120 and imaging source camera.
  10. I agree. The third shots the best. A couple more here for the record. Trevor
  11. Look forward to your opinions. I've been well impressed. Seeing wasn't that brilliant for these and I was so keen to get a shot I didn't allow for cooling but pleased with the detail. I'm hopeful for better on a good night ! Trevor
  12. Thanks for the comments. Surprised with the detail because the seeing didn’t seem that good
  13. Quite pleased with the detail in these. Taken last night with A Skywatcher ED150 and x2 barlow.
  14. Lovely shots. Lots of detail and well processed
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