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  1. Daft question: So how does this work exactly Olly? This filter screws onto a normal refractor (what size?) and away you go, imaging prominences?? I had thought of buying a dedicated Solar Scope, but depending on your answer, this may be another possible route to go down. Cheers Tom
  2. I like the images Jannis. You were lucky with the clear skies, we had clouds over here in Scotland. Regards Tom
  3. Alan, You can also get a 16" extension tube that fits the EQ5/HEQ5 from Telescope House - It is made by Orion (USA). Tom
  4. Nice crisp image. I do like a DSLR Moon. Tom
  5. Hi Jahmason, the ethos offers more than a big aFOV and reasonable eye relief. The contrast improvement over my naglers is very obvious. I never thought the naglers would be bettered, but the ethos just gives such a more contrasty and hence pleasing view. Tom
  6. Nice kit Sir! The laughter is of the jealouse kind - ignore it. They have weedy 4" scopes for their Grab n' go set up. Tom
  7. A 10" Dob Alan. That is a serious bit of kit. The views should blow your socks off though. My local astro soc has one of these - and it is a very nice 'scope. Tom
  8. I am looking for an extension tube to sit on the top of my HEQ5 tripod. It would be similar to the EQ6 extension tube on FLO's website: First Light Optics - Skywatcher EQ6 Extension Tube I e-mailed james@FLO and he tells me that Skywatcher don't do an extension tube for an EQ/HEQ5. But Kath (SpookyKat) beat me to a 2nd hand one a few months back, so someone makes them. Can anyone let me know where I can get one? Thanks Tom
  9. Brantuk is right. I use mine on the back of an LX90. Fantastic on the Moon. It gives a real sense of 3D. Using both eyes is the way we were designrd. Our brain integrates the images and I think I get a better sense of both depth and resolution. Tom
  10. Looks good Mike. A nice, crisp image. Tom
  11. This should look familiar to everyone that looked through Pete or David's white light filtered 'scopes on Sunday afternoon. It was taken a few days later (after the sleep deprivation wore off), but the Sunspots are almost in the same orientation. Tom
  12. Quick stack of 40 images through an Ikharus 102ED with a x2 teleconverter and white light filter. Just a little sharpening in CS2 and application of a warm filter. Nice groups of Sunspots today. Tom
  13. Just a few images from the weekend. Hope they look okay on the Forum. David, I wish I had seen the "Wall" around your tent, but I was already part way home by that time. A very enjoyable weekend - and we did see one star - OUR OWN, and with lots of sunspots and spectacular prominences - remember the "Christmas Tree" prominence? Tom
  14. It got very cloudy about 11pm and we decided that we weren't going to get any observing at around midnight. But "Wonders of the Universe" DVD was on the screen, lots to drink and lots of laughter. I turned in about 2.45am, as did most others. But what time did you carry on til Nina, David and Pete? This morning I was told that poor Mike was kept awake by these "raucous Scots" and the sound of a giggling Nina. I was fast asleep and didn't hear a thing. Thanks Nina, for organising another super Star Party. Tom
  15. Day 2: wet start but sunny afternoon. PST and two White light scopes. Lots of prominences and filaments. Five sunspot groups as well, do good solar session. Weather looking good for tonight, so not too much alcohol : ) Eating about 9pm, then hopefully out with the scopes. Tom
  16. As others have said, you will notice a big difference whether you go from a 6" to a 10" or 12". But once you get aperture fever, you don't recover. I went from an 8" SCT to a 12" Flextube - what a difference!. I then upgraded the 12" to a 14" FT GoTO - only a small difference, but still noticable - the GoTo is very handy to. As for worrying about your wife's response - tell her it is better value for money when you buy bigger, as the price rise isn't exponential ... so you will keep this one longer and get better use. She might just go for that : ) Tom
  17. I just got an Ikharus 102 ED from Ian King. I unpacked it 10 days ago (hence the storms and constant cloud up here in Glasgow). It came well packed and is a substantial OTA - nice finish too. The focusser is VERY beefy and I had several conversations with Ian about imaging with a Canon 500D using this scope and this focusser. Ian assured me that all would be well. Certainly the focusser is MUCH beefier than the one I had on my previous 'fract, a Meade 80mm triplet APO (Good optics, poor focusser). No chance to image yet, and for the next 2 mths it is light all night up here, so may just have to wait. I have had 15mins Lunar observing with the Ikharus. I would agree with Ribuck - very nice contrasty, crisp views. So for observing, this looks like a very nice performer. For imaging, I will have to wait to find out, but others on this Forum seem to be getting good results. I was looking for a 'fract for a mixture of observing (almost grab n' go) and imaging. I am primarily an observer, but do cross to "the dark side" sometimes. Hopefully this 'scope can fulfill some of my needs in both these areas. Tom
  18. The car is packed, I habve just had a shower and something to eat. So, ... packed, fed and as clean as I am gonna get. I will bring a lappy + projector + some astro DVDs. Oh, and a few beers and some "Scottish amber fluid" in case anyone needs some (For medicinal purposes - obviously). I will head off in about half an hour and arrive about 2.30pm. See you all this afternoon. Tom
  19. That is the single most popular product that FLO has. It gets used more often than any other "product" I bet. Tom
  20. Whatever the weather, this is gonna be FUN! Tom
  21. Yep, foolhardy indeed. I want to use the weekend partly to see how I cope with less good weather, whilst in a tent. I want to go to Kielder and Galloway star parties in the Autumn, and the weather is always mixed. So this weekend will be a good trial. See you mid afternoon Nina - do I just drive in, or do I give you a buzz whilst 5 mins away? Tom
  22. I hope you are right Girls, the Met Office suggests rain on Saturday night, but perhaps better for Sunday. Anyway, I shall be there (rain or clear). This time I will leave the 14" Flextube GoTo at home and bring my old 8" LX90 SCT as well as the PST. That gives me more room in the car for other bits and pieces, including Lappy + projector, camera, fixed tripod etc. Tom
  23. Lovely image of my favourite double (Hence the name on SGL). Tom
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