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  1. Just got up, so am stumbling about thinking about packing the car. Down to CSP3 about 1.30pm. Sorry you can't make it this time David, but we will see you at Galloway. Weather forecast completely changed from last night, now suggests cloud for tonight/tomorrow and a wee bit of drizzle Oh well, c'est la vie. I hate camping in wet weather. Anyway, off to start loading the car. Tom
  2. No problem Nina, I am just getting excited about CSP3 (As you know, I have never really grown up - still a flaxen haired 8 year old little boy in many ways, thank goodness). Nothing needed at ASDA, if we need anything for tomorrow evening, then we can always drop over there and get it then. I will pack the car tomorrow morning (probably after a poor nights sleep - too excited) and head off about midday - so should be down to yours about 1.30pm. Ice in the freezer Nina? Guess I better bring some white wine then, if I know You and Val the white wine will be a necessity : )- I think I will head for bed now - need all the beauty sleep I can get. Love Tom xx
  3. Wish I had known Friday night was an option. I had today off work and could have been down by 8pm. Midge Repellant? - never found anything that works completely. They seem to love me (good blood). Tom
  4. wow - they turned up 24hrs early! I hope they get some observing in. Tom
  5. Speaking of the weather - I have just tried Metcheck, Netweather and the Met Office websites. All give different forecasts, but seem to suggest reasonable conditions on Saturday night, and no concensus for Sunday. My fingers and toes are crossed (which may cause a problem in the Gym later today). See you all there. Tom
  6. Hi Ayaka, PM Delilahtwinkle, she is the hostess/organiser. Regards Tom
  7. Mid afternoon Lorne. Good that the Scots are well represented. Tom
  8. Communal area sounds good - lots of room for the two things closest to my heart (food and beer - not necessarily in that order). That is, closest to my heart after Nina and Val - for organising CSP3 (amn't i a right crawler - amazing how much boldness one gets from a couple of glasses of wine, hic!). Tom
  9. I love it, but can't see "the Sentinel". Guess I will have to wait until it is explored on foot. Great Image - crisp and clear. Tom
  10. Interesting Collyer911, I had wondered how the Delos would perform. I guess (from your report) that it is reasonable to good : ) Might think about one of these for Lunar/planetary observing. Tom
  11. Yep Alan, not long now - and the weather farecast is still okay. The wonders of the British weather will not cease. The Dob gives you more light gathering - tell Mike that you will straddle the roofrack and to ensure it goes in the car. See you on Saturday. Tom (the less raucous Scot - but still with a bottle of Highland Park).
  12. I forgot the Highland Park. It will squeeze into the car somehow. Tom
  13. Who, me? Good point Kathleen - I guess I better leave the driver's seat free in the car so that I can squeeze in beside the mountain of gear. Can't wait to get some clear, dark skies for "The Beast" to feed on. Cumbria and the 14" beckon. Tom
  14. Wow! Clear weather forecast for the Saturday night of CSP3. Hmm, do I take the 14" Flextube GOTO or the 8" LX90? Space suggests the SCT, but lack of dark skies since May suggests the 14". M81 & M82, side by side in the FOV of a 31mm Nagler is beckoning, as is M13 in a 10mm Ethos. Both fantastic views in the 14". Okay, you talked me into it - I take the 14". I will also take a Solarmax60 and 4" fract (with white light filter) to put on the Skytee. Oh, and 15x70 and 20x80 binoculars. Sorted. Also lappy + projector + DVDs + speakers. Powertanks, eyepiece case, tent, sleeping bag etc ..... beer/wine. Food? (nah, who needs it). Tom
  15. Ahh Mike - Glad you are in. We will try and keep David a bit quieter than he was at Cumbria : )) Anyone got a tent door barricade? Tom
  16. Been preparing for next weekend. So: Sleeping bag aired Power tanks charging Tent unpacked, erected in back garden then taken down Liver rested : ) Going to read a book in the back garden and catch some sunshine, then off to the Gym. Tom
  17. Hi Nina, 15 or so seems a good number to me. It keeps the intimate, frendly feel to your Star Party. Everyone mixes well and gets to know one another. So, I hope you keep the numbers to around this. As for the weather - I hope you are right, as I haven't had any night time astronomy (only some Solar on sunny days) since the last Cumbria Star Party, so I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Give my love to Val and I look forward to seeing you both. Tom
  18. Cracker Gost, absolute cracker. Tom
  19. Good detail BB. The sort of image I aspire to. Tom
  20. Nice image Steve, well focussed and crisp. Tom
  21. Very nice Denodan. These Skywatcher Dobs can provide some very nice views. Tom
  22. Nice, crisp image of M. Imbrium, Nightfisher. Tom
  23. Good one Scarecrow - lots of detail there. Tom
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