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  1. Wow! That is a good weather forecast. I do hope is turns out to be accurate Mike. See you at Galloway on Friday. Tom
  2. Hi Mike, The tent is holding up fine after 7 hours of a mix of drizzle and heavy rain. So i amn't complaining. (Although I may run out and buy a second separate groundsheet for it.) I will leave it out in the back garden overnight and see how it is in the morning. The forecast here is for dry weather tomorrow morning, so will let the tent dry in situ (a bit) then hang up in the back room for the next few days. I will pack on Friday AM and be down to Galloway between 4 and 5pm on Friday. I will travel a bit lighter this time and pack an 8" SCT rather than the 14" GOTO Dob - so i will need my "aperture fix" through your 15" Obsession Dob. See you there. Tom
  3. Only one bottle Mike? You are being abstemious. Save some for us late arrivals. Is the site prone to flooding (should I bring a canoe on Friday)? Tom
  4. Set up the tent in my back garden by 1:30pm. It started raining about 1:45pm - hmm, do I take it down now or hope this drizzle dies out and it dries for a tea-time pack-up. och, leave it and go to the Gym - pack it up later. 3 hours of rain later ........ tent still erected in back garden, rain tipping down : ( Oh well, at least I am testing it out in poor weather. It can always stay up all night and come down tomorrow. Almost tempted to try sleeping in it tonight ...... must remember to forget that idea and grow up beyond an excited 14 years of age : ) See you Friday - save me a dram David/Pete. Not sure what one I will bring this time. Tom
  5. Finally unpacked and erected my new Vango Icarus 500 (5 man tent). It took me an hour from reading the instructions to lying back on a nice comfy mattress inside the tent. The tent was pretty straight-forward to erect, it just took some time to set out all the guy ropes etc. - should be quicker next time. Lots of room in it for sleeping (it is meant to take 5 after all - although that is pushing it - it should be very roomy for up to 3 people) and lots of room in the outer area - I have set up two folding chairs and a small table. Very comfy. Just need to compile a list of astro kit to take, probably: LX90 (8"SCT), Solarmax 60, small refractor + white light filter, Skytee & Berlebach, binoc's, eyepieces, powertanks. Also, camera, clothes, sleeping bag & blanket (pillow would be nice too), book to read, vino and some beer. What have I forgotton? See you Friday late afternoon. Tom
  6. Hmm Mike, You, Pete and david are in from the beginning. Nina and I wont arrive until the Friday. see you there. Tom
  7. Nice one bosb33r, the weather has been so bad here recently, I had almost forgotton what the Sun looked like. Good video and crisp images. Tom
  8. Great image - just like orbiting at 50 miles up. I am green with jealousy. Cheers Tom
  9. Oh No!!!! Not another hit on my bank balance! I already have 13mm and 10mm Ethos, now there is not only a 6mm to tempt me, but a 4.7mm as well. Drat. Tom
  10. it is what gets in the way of Astronomy. Mugs anyone? Tom
  11. Had a night out at Cumbria Star Party 3 (3 weeks ago, and the first for 3 months). The got out for 1.5hrs Lunar on Wednesday evening. Been a pretty poor last few weeks, and September seems to be shaping up as cloudy/wet/windy up here in Gasgow. But as has been said before, Astronomy is a long haul hobby - you learn patience. Tom
  12. Nice images Steve. Good to see that you got a good start to the season. See you at Galloway? Tom
  13. After going to the Gym and then having dinner with my wife, I was able to set up a pair of 20x80 binoculars and an Ikharus 102ED, side by side, on the Skytee II and Berlebach tripod I bought over the Summer. This was the first real outing for any of the binoc's and Ikharus as the weather has been so bad recently and it is too light up here to do any proper astronomy. The 20x80 binoc's gave a crisp image of this evening's 16.7 day moon, with lots of space around the lunar disc. Tons of detail around the Mare Crisium and Langenus, Petavius. The central peak of Petavius was clearly visible. The rays from Tycho were very bright and crisp as well. Observing through the Ikharus using a 16mm Nagler (x44, 1.8 degrees tFOV) showed the moon in fantastic detail. Everything was crisp, and even so close to full moon, the contrast was good. With not a hint of colour fringing from this doublet 'scope. Okay, this is observing and not imaging, but the high contrast and lack of colour fringing bode's well for when I image using the Ikharus. Just heading back out now to have a look at Jupiter - it should be over the house roof now, so although not an ideal position, will be observable. Tom
  14. We missed you Terry. Nina is planning CSP4 for November. Hope to see you there. Tom
  15. 2067 views Nina, your Cumbria Star Parties are building up quite a following. : ) I only took photos of Mike's birthday bash on Sunday, nothing else. I was so excited to get the unexpected clear skies on Saturday night that the 5+ hours until I zonked out at 2.45am on the Sunday I observed only, completely forgetting the camera and tripod etc. Still, the observing was good and the clear skies great. Just remember the Ring Nebula showing up clear in the 10mm Ethos on the 14" Flextube - a hint of green colour and a crisp ring, with a slightly twisted structure to it - awesome. Take care Nina, Galloway is only 4 weeks away : ) I am already excited by the thought. Tom
  16. Huh Mike - you Star Party Juny you. see you at galloway, i suspect that the peak Star Party is a bit too far South for a Glasgow resident like me - still, it means you all miss out on some Scottish amber fluid (Highland park single malt). Enjoy Tom
  17. Cheers Adrian, yes I only camp when I have to. I used to have a one man tent (for munro bagging). I hated it, simply too small. Then went to a two man, that is much better and I cope with 1-2 nights in it. But Mike's 5 man was sooo palatial. I will look into the camp bed and thermarest, but don't want to limit my astro kit unduly. Thanks for the invite re coffee and jaffa cakes - better bring catering sized packs of them : )) Cheers Tom
  18. Same here Ben, My 14" Flextube GOTO is stored in my garage. In Winter it tends to be about 7 or 8 degrees above the outside temperature near the garage door (where the scope sits). By the time I drive to my dark sky site, in an unheated car, the mirror is only a few degrees above ambiant. Once set up (5 minutes) I collimate, then recollimate about 20mins later, after that it stays in collimation all night. I find the 14" holds collimation well, the GOTO is pretty accurate and the tracking fairly smooth. I have had some wonderful views using a 31mm Nagler or a 10mm Ethos. M13 is fully resolved to the core in the 10mm Ethos, and just blows me away every time. Tom
  19. You might also need to get either a trolly to move the base around, or a truss. It is VERY heavy. On the limit of what I can lift any distance. Still, it is worth it for the views you get. Remember they also do a 16" Tom
  20. Hi Mike (Verracocha), Having seen your tent at Cumbria SP over last weekend, I rushed out and bought a Vango 500 + awning + heater + two chairs and a table, all for Galloway. Oh, and am getting those ground mat thingies you had below your mattress to keep the ground-cold out. You are right, having some space is important, especially if the weather is cold/poor. So I now have a 5-person tent, that should do okay for two people : ) Cheers Tom
  21. Albireo380

    Sun sketch

    I like it Sylvia, looks very "lifelike". Good to meet you and Paul at the Cumbria Star Party 3. CSP4 will come around soon (I hope). Regards Tom
  22. Okay guys, a quick panorama from Saturday afternoon, I can still hardly believe the clear skies from 9.30pm onwards. Great observing and imaging. Also, Demon Barber (Mike) gets his Birthday cake & blows out his candles. Tom
  23. Good one Kathleen. Nice sharp stars and no trailing - glad the Synguider is working okay. So .... Cumbria Star Party 3 (CSP3) was a huge success. Great company, great site and great skies on the Saturday evening. We were just setting up the projector to watch some DVDs about 9pm and "magically" it started clearing. The 14" Flextube GOTO was set up and aligned by 9.30pm and the fun began. M81/M82 in the same FOV in a 31mm Nagler M31 (and M32 + M110) in a 31mm Nagler M13, M92, M27, M57 in a 13mm Ethos Albireo in a 10mm Ethos Jupiter + 3 moons, equatorial bands etc in a 10mm Ethos Albireo in a 10mm Ethos Pleiades and Double Cluster in 15 x70 and 28 x110 (WOW!!!) binoculars - Great Binoculars Mike and Robbie - I'll give you at least a tenner for them - but throw in the tripod and mount please : )) Clear skies until I went to bed at 2.45am - although some people managed to finish a bottle of Isle of Jura single malt and stay awake (just) until 4am. Nina - a MASSIVE THANKYOU for again running a super star party. Many Hugs to You and Val, great to see you both, and lots of love. Oh ... and happy birthday to Mike (Demon barber) once again - I will post a couple of images of the group and birthday cake + candles later today. Off to "GO Outrdoors " to try to get a VANGO 500 - my wee 2 man just isn't good enough any more. Hope to see you all at Galloway and Kielder. Tom
  24. See you there Steve and Kathleen, I will have some beer and wine chilling in the fridge. Tom
  25. Car largely loaded. And I mean LOADED. 14" Flextube GOTO, Berlebach + Skytee, 4" fract + white light filter, Solarmax 60, 2 powertanks, eyepieces, 15x70 and 20x80 binoculars, tent, 2 sleeping bags (it may get chilly), blow up mattress, beer, winr and "Scottish amber fluid". Still to load: Laptop, projector + speakers, ext'n cable, camera bag, clothes .... oh, and ME. Phew - will need a sleep after loading all that. The poor car is groaning. I think the astro kit loaded inside the car may be worth more than the car itself. Tom
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