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  1. Never had a deep fried Mars bar - but have sampled a few Malts in my time. I should pack bandages and sticking plaster as well Adrian. Me and "the Boys" will be paying you a visit - Specsavers indeed. Have a safe trip north and see you on Friday afternoon. ("Youth is wasted on the young" Oscar Wilde) Tom
  2. Just ordered + a car sticker. The calendar looks good. Tom
  3. Sorry to hear you wont make it down Kathleen. We will miss you. Tom
  4. A good image for the 'scope and conditions Badboybubby. very similar to what I saw through a 127SLT on Saturday. Cheers Tom
  5. Great scope Damo636, and some good ideas for modifying. I must get a black permanent marker pen and blacken the edge of the secondary on my 14" Flextube GOTO. Tom
  6. Enough of the "old", sonny. Young whippersnapper. Nane o' ma Malt fur you. "Youthful" Tom
  7. The Merrick - a nice wee hill, one well worth a visit. Try to bag a male, wrong season for the female. Tom
  8. Haggis Adrian - Good man. Wild or organically raised I hope. I am sure a bottle of Malt will find its way into my pack somehow. Tom
  9. Hey Lorne, It will be good that you can come. Nina - get double the bacon - Lorne eats like a horse : )) Tom
  10. Like Dave, I popped down yesterday with Val (one of the Cumbria Star Party organisers). Despite the weather we had a good time, met a lot of chums, enjoyed the talks and drooled over the gear on the stands. After dinner (the steak and ale pie in the pub was good, the sticky toffee pudding was to die for) we went up to the Kielder Observatory, where about 20 hardy souls had braved the wind and rain. Gary Fildes gave a superb talk on Jupiter and then we got a tour of the Observatory. All in all, a good day, despite the weather. When we drove back towards Gretna, the weather cleared and we stopped the car - a brief look at Jupiter and the Pleiades, then continued. Thanks to Richard and all those who organised the event. Tom
  11. Great Robbie, I will be over to visit Loui (and you) when I arrive - I love Labs. Just look at his big liquid eyes. What does he like as treats? I wouldn't bring any for me Steve - unless you want me to administer them to you - in the form of an enema See you guys at Kielder on Saturday (save seats for me, Nina and Val for the evening meal in the Pub). Tom
  12. Chilli Mike - YES PLEASE. Nina/Val - will we do a quick shopping at ASDA on the Friday, stock up on food etc? If so, I am happy to drive/help etc. (Although, perhaps we should get fewer burgers this time - I was "burgered out" by the end of CSP3). I wonder if we could rustle up a pasta dish or a curry (wouldn't need rice, could manage with just Naan and/or pitta bread). What kind of dog do you have Robbie? A particular type? Lab, Collie, Heinz57? Pray for good weather at Nina's that weekend. The weather here over the last few weeks has been pants. Even when clear during the day, it would cloud over in the early evening and "magically" clear again by 7am - just in time for work. See you all on Friday the 18th. I will arrive in the early afternoon. Tom
  13. I'm in for the Friday and Saturday nights, but will have to leave late on the Sunday evening. See you for Kielder Nina. Tom x
  14. Nice image Nive. Crisp stars and clear comet. I am hoping to capture this one myself - I just need to get rid of these dratted clouds for a while. Tom
  15. Nice Town, Tromso. Good bar in a converted cinema along the main street from the harbour (towards the bridge). Wish I was going. Tom
  16. I will try and get along - with either the 14" Flextube GOTO or the 8" SCT. I had forgotten that Andrew had relocated southwards to Edinburgh - It will be good to see you again Andrew, I bet you are missing those Aberdeenshire dark skies. Tom
  17. I suspect that it has all been said before, but .... I have tried a Skywatcher plossl in an f4.5 Flextube GOTO, then a Nagler and then an Ethos. The plossl gave reasonable views, the Nagler was a BIG improvement (not only the FOV, but the contrast was better too), but the Ethos just blew me away. The FOV was bigger (but that wasn't what had me and others raving) but the contrast was just so much better - leading to much better observing. No way will I get rid of my TV EPs - Naglers are very good and Ethos(es) are superb. But if a Celestron plossl does it for you Don, then fine. Observing is a very personal thing. Cheers Tom
  18. Great images. Amazing what can be done these days. A few years ago many Observatories would have been happy with these. Tom
  19. Hurrumph! Hear that grinding sound Steve? ..... that is my, Pete's, David's and Ian's teeth. "We was robbed". Tom
  20. You snored "a tad" did you David ....... You woke me up and I was 30 yards away I must remember to pitch my tent further away next time Tom
  21. I was out one Winter's night observing from a passing place on a single track road, about 3 miles west of Loch Lomond. I became aware of a pattering sound off to my right and when I looked around I saw two red eyes staring at me from about 20 feet away. It gave me quite a fright and I grabbed a torch and shone it at the eyes. There was a large fox staring fixedly at me - completely unfazed by the torch light. Relieved, I turned back to the 'scope and glanced back a few seconds later, it was gone. Tom
  22. What'si t like at Galloway now Robbie? It is 100% cloud up here in Glasgow. I would be gutted if I had left and it turned out clear in Galloway tonight - but I would also be pleased for You and anyone else who has braved a wet Sunday and stayed. By the way, who else stayed? Tom
  23. Yep, total washout on Friday and Saturday nights - it rained 18hrs solid from Saturday 12 noon to 6am this morning. Luckily the tent was warm and dry last night, so I was tucked up by 12.30am (a bit earlier than 3.30am the day before - Val and Nina, you are a bad influence, leading me astray like that). Now home, unpacked and off to get a wedding anniversary card and choccies for my wife (28 years married tomorrow). I enjoyed the star camp and will be back next year (perhaps for 4 nights). Tom (the quiet and non-drunken Scot, unlike Pete and Dave, who drank most of my Malt - again!) : ))
  24. Yes Rob, please organise clear weather for Friday night I will be down early/mid afternoon and will be followed by Nina and Val about 8pm. Just thinking of all the packing to be done tomorrow morning before I set off at about 11am. Tom
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