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  1. Yes pleas Adrian. The shared meals would be great! Thanks Tom
  2. Hi Guys, Just back from two sunny weeks in Cyprus. Brown as a berry and almost welcomed the rain as we touched down in Glasgow last night (I said almost). I am booked for Thurs-Sunday at Galloway and will see you all then. Pity about the pub closing, as I was going to rely on it for some food. However, if there is a CAMRA Pub in Wigtown and it does food, then maybe we can still eat. I will bring the 14" Flextube and maybe a smaller 'scope + binooc's. + the usual necessities of life (Beer and Malt). Cheers Tom
  3. Cheers Steve, looking forward to driving South to Galloway. Keep me some clear skies - don't hog them all to yourself. Tom
  4. You did Steve - thanks for offering. Mine's a Jura please - no need for you only to pour a small one, I will manage a double somehow : )) Tom
  5. Still remember watching the telly back in July 69, when Neil stepped onto the Moon's surface. One of the great's of our generation has gone. Tom
  6. Hope the weather is better in Cumbria than up here. had a great evening here though - several of us got together, swapped cds and ate lots of sticky toffee pudding. So life could be worse. Cheers and clear skies, Tom
  7. Just heard that Neil Armstrong has died. A great man, who did a fantastic job on Apollo 11. A sad loss. One of the greats of space exploration ha gone. Tom
  8. If only Mike. I work for the NHS and don't get either overtime payments or time in lieu. I think I am meant to do it out of a sense of public duty. But hey, at least I can retire on a "Gold Plated Pension" - and if you believe that you probably believe the Clangers inhabit the Moon. Have a great weekend and I hope to see you all at CSP8 Tom
  9. Work has gone mad up here I am afraid. Had to cancel my annual leave on Friday and Monday. So, unless something changes in the next day or so, I will have to give CSP7 a miss. A real pain, as I enjoy these so much and haven't missed one yet. Sorry guys (and gals). have a good weekend. Clear skies Tom
  10. I am gonna try and stay on the Sunday night this time Adrian. i was gutted at missing the steak meal, but work was calling and the Work Boss is a pain (unlike the Home Boss, who is just lovely) Glad you are bringing Jaffa Cakes - it wouldn't be a CSP without them. : )) I missed the reference to ciggie lighters in Vango Tents - what have you been up to Mike? Do I bring pasta for Friday? Bolognese okay? Tom
  11. Pity John, I was looking forward to seeing M13 through your 'scope. Cheers Tom
  12. Great! I will be there. Friday to Sunday (may manage Monday - need to speak to the Boss). Tom
  13. David is coming to Galloway 4 - I must get sound proofing for my tent : )) See you there Pete Tom
  14. Hi Kenny, see you at Galloway. Are Caroline and little Jack also coming along? Nina is intending to run another Cumbria weekend sometime in the early Autumn. So i may see you there as well. Cheers Tom
  15. Drat, I missed a barbeque on the Sunday evening. i should have stayed. but work was looming on the Monday and prudence said pack up and go about lunchtime. Damn Prudence - I should have taken the Monday off work and stayed all night! Next time I will stay longer. A Lunar CSP Nina - sound good to me ( an definite Loonie). Tom
  16. Another great star party at Nina's. Sunshine and blue sky during the day. A cloudless clear sky at night. I got a deep tan after cycling along country roads around the star party site, on the Saturday. No single Malt drunk - not like us at all. It just wasn't the weather for Malt. A few of the objects observed: Crescent Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, M3, M5, M13, M31, M27, M51, M67, M71, M92, Albireo. Another enjoyable event. I can hardly wait for the Autumn and the CSP7. Tom
  17. Oh ... by the way, Steve is gutted he can't make it. Family gathering on the Saturday apparantly. Still, it means the Malt will last a little longer ) Tom
  18. Nina .... well done and xxx Robbie - sorry you are not able to make it. i hope all is okay with you and yours. Adrian - not sure if I will see you there as you are off hillwalking from Friday-Sunday Everyone else - see you tomorrow mid-afternoon Cheers Tom
  19. Yahoo! Weather forecast is great. Sunshine, blue skies and clear nights. Just like CSP1 - I must remember to pack sun cream this time. Nina - have after sun lotion ready, we may burn. Bought ingredients for a tuna pasta dish I will make tomorrow night - should feed about 10 people. Roof box on car and new cycle rack ready. I will be down mid afternoon on Friday with an LX90, Ikharus102 + white light filter and a solarmax 60, small scope on Berlebach and SkyTee. I have also some beers, Scottish amber fluid (malt) and white wine. Tent ready to go in roof box and astro/other kit to go in car. Just need to get through a day at work tomorrow. Can't wait to chill out this weekend. Tom
  20. Whiskey ... we wont have any of that : )) Tee total, that's us. And if you believe that, you will believe anything. Tom
  21. Pity you can't make it Kathleen - you will be missed. John, look forward to seeing you there. Cheers Tom
  22. Hi Jonathan, See you at CSP6 mate. Bring the time lapse you took at CSP5 - I didn't see it. Tom
  23. Yep, that's me. The Vango Icarus 500 is a 5 man tent (sleeps 3 in comfort or one with bags of room.) It has an inner sleeping area that can divide into 2 and an outer open area. The outer area takes a chair, small table, my 14" Flextube, HEQ5pro and 4" refractor + EPs /DSLR kit etc - no problem. I find it great for comfortable and roomy camping at Star camps. Three of us have shared this tent no bother. Tom
  24. Great Nina, Count me in. I look forward to seeing you and everyone else at CSP6. It is always a good weekend at your Star Parties. Nearer the time we can think about food etc - so no sweat. Best wishes Tom x
  25. Hi All, Nina ran a short-notice, impromptu star camp last weekend. Only a few of us made it there, but we had a great time (as always). The weather was cloudy on the Friday evening and we had a bit of sunshine on the Saturday, then a cloudy evening that cleared up for 2 hours at 1.45am on the Sunday morning. So we got in some semi-drunken observing and went off to bed about 4.30-5.00am on the Sunday, just as the birds started tweating and the sky lightened in the East. A few piccies are attached, to try to capture the spirit of the weekend. Thanks again to Nina. Tom
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