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  1. It wasn't cold for Adrian, Piers. He had the wooly sheep to keep him warm. Nina and everyone - it was a good weekend, with sunny blue sky days, clear nights, good company and food/drink. I am already looking forward to CSP9 - see you all there and at Galloway. Tom
  2. Car packed and almost ready to go. Nice and sunny up here in Glasgow. : )
  3. Thanks Adrian, I am really looking forward to coming down on Friday. The BBC weather forecast is good for Friday and Saturday - wonders will never cease! Just starting to think about what I need to pack - which malt, what beers, telescope perhaps? Tom
  4. Cheers Mike. Anne and I were down at the Lake District yesterday - lovely and sunny. Sunny up in Glasgow again today, but very windy. I hope the reasonable weather continues for the weekend. See you Friday. Tom
  5. I have been told that Adrian likes sheep. Still, we all have our little peccadillos : )) See you Friday Nina. Tom
  6. I would really appreciate food on the Friday evening Adrian. i expect to arrive at Nina's between 3 and 4pm, so bags of time to set up the tent prior to dinner time : ) Do you need me to bring any specific food? Cheers Tom
  7. Unfortunately Adrian, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (my employer) doesn't give the 2nd May holiday as statutory leave - so I will be hard at work that day. Ho hum, c'est la vie - at least i will have the weekend. Tom
  8. A birdwatching trip might be quite good Adrian. I can barely differentiate a sparrow from a mallard, but enjoy the wildlife photography side of it. Tom
  9. You don't Adrian, you just drink it "young". I will try to remember to bring a different Malt. Tom
  10. Hi Martin, see you at Galloway next weekend. Praying for clear skies. Tom
  11. Am i seeing double : ) No Kenny, not seen Panstarrs yet, but will be looking out for it over the next week or so. Tom
  12. Should be good Kenny. I was in rural Perthshire on Friday/Saturday. It was clear for an hour or so on Saturday night and we got in some good observing. Nice to see both Jupiter and Saturn in one night. Clear skies Tom
  13. Thanks for the update Mike. I am looking forward to CSP 8 and to Galloway. Hope you are well and getting some use from the Obsy. Tom
  14. Sorry to hear you can't manage the Galloway Spring event, but will see you at Nina's in may and Galloway in November ........ I may even have some Malt left for you to sample : ) Tom
  15. Booked for Galloway and for Nina's : Only the Friday and Saturday night's each time..... but still, good to get some observing in. Tom
  16. I will be there on the Friday, Saturday (and perhaps) Sunday nights. Great - another CSP. See you all there. Tom
  17. Excellent, I will book on Monday. The clear skies on the Saturday night last November gave the best observing I have had in years. Tom
  18. Great news Robbie. Congratulations! I think quite a few of the "Scottish crowd" will drop down to see you and the Observatory. Well done mate. Tom
  19. As others have already said, this is a sad day. RIP Sir Patrick, you will be missed. Tom
  20. Yes, the view of Jupiter was the best i had ever seen. Through my 14" Flextube it was just awesome. At times it seemed that I was seeing the level of detail one normally only sees on an image. Real detail on the GRS and many festoons/braiding on the cloud bands. I have never seen such detail before. Fantastic dark skies in Galloway. Hopefully Steve will do another Galloway SC in the Spring. Tom
  21. Yeah Jonathon, the veil was just awesome, as was Jupiter about 4am this morning. Absolutely crisp with a detailed GRS and lots of festoons on the cloud bands. Observed from 7.45am Saturday to 4.25am Sunday. If only we got a few more nights like that. Tom
  22. Clear as a bell here in Glasgow - but very damp. Just thinking about what to pack in the car tomorrow morning. Hope to be down at Galloway about 2.30pm. Got a bottle of Highland park to bring down, so will at least be merry, even if it rains constantly. Tom
  23. He had better be - otherwise he will be strung up. : )) Tom
  24. "Sans Glenmorangie" - what a disaster. Hmm, I will have to bring some decent malt to make up for this. Cloudy up here in Glasgow as well Mike. Tom
  25. Lucky man, Mike. Clear skies, pastrami sandwiches and hot chocolate - sounds good. See you on Thursday. Tom
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