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  1. Sounds like you are getting a good crowd, Nina. I have just bought a 2nd cheapie sleeping bag. kath said that she slept inside a sleeping bag that was inside another sleeping bag. That seemed like a good idea to me - so I should be toasty this time. Tom
  2. Sounds like a good idea Dt. At other events, people have to cover the 'scopes in tarpaulin or bring them into tents. But your big she sound good, as it also gives us somewhere to sit down and keep out of the rain if it is a wet evening (apart from the Pub.) Is there power in the shed? - if so we could set up a Lappy and projector. But be positive Nina, it will be late May, so we may be lucky and get good weather. I am sending out "positive vibes" to the Weather Gods. Tom
  3. Nice image Pat. I have only had a quick look through a Meade 6 Lightswitch once, but it seemed to do the business. Tom
  4. Come on John, you could always tell your wife "Something has come up - Newcastle is off" Tom
  5. Positively angelic, from all angles, that's me. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, modest with it.
  6. Hi David, Welcome to SGL. Tom
  7. Just ordered a Bhatinov focus mask from FLO, for the ED102 I just got. Tom
  8. Congratulations on the new kit Ed. The HEQ is a good mount and should hold your 200p rock steady. As Nickk suggested, set it all up and test it inside, in the light. Then Practice setting up and taking it all down a few times. Once you have done it in the light a couple of times, it will be much easier in the dark on a cold Winter's night. Tom
  9. I e-mailed you Nina, but was trying to be more positive than Steve. But basically, he is right. Find out Val's budget and then speak to a few of us (pm or e-mail). There will be a good starter 'scope come up on SGL or UK Astrobuysell soon. Tom
  10. Okay Dt, I am in. I enjoyed the last one so much, I can't wait 'til the next. I will arrive (rain or shine) about 3.30pm on the Saturday. See you then. Tom
  11. It seems that you have a few things to be wary of, when observing in the desert. I must admit, the chance to observe at night, under clear skies and in warm temperatures seems very nice. I usually observe at temperatures around or below freezing. 5 layers of clothes are the norm over here (in Scotland) in Autumn/Winter. I don't fancy coming face to face with snakes, scorpions of mountain lions - although some of the Humans around here are pretty scary. I am always wary of observing anywhere near any town - lots of nutters and "boy racers" around. I enjoyed your post. Cheers Tom
  12. It wouldn't work Domis, we need to see through the eyepiece. "Remote astronmoy" just doesn't cure aperture fevour. I started with a 6" Newt, moved to an 8" SCT, then a 12" Dob and now a 14" Flextube Goto. I just wish I had the cash and skies for a 24" Obsession Dob on a tracking platform. I guess aperture fevour gets us all in the end, unless the "dark arts" (imaging) gets us first. : )) Tom
  13. The website seems to be working okay, as I am "clicking" around the site with no problems. I am glad that it all seems to be going smoothly Steve. But I still like to speak to Steve et al when ordering, as sometimes the conversation leads me to a different sale than I had originally intended. : )) Steve - I will 'phone you on Monday re an astrozap solar filter and purchasing a baader solar continuum filter. Tom
  14. I took the plunge during the Televue 20% off sale a couple of weeks ago, and bought a 10mm Ethos. I already have 11mm and 9mm Naglers, so the idea was to compare the Ethos and if it was significantly better, sell on the Naglers to recoup much of the cost. I have read of two advantages to the Ethos over the Nagler: 100 degree vs 82 degree aFOV Better contrast for observing I compared the 10mm Ethos with both the 11mm and 9mm Naglers, using my main observing 'scope, a 14" Flextube Goto (without a lightshroud as yet - so contrast is impaired), last Sunday night, at around midnight (so fully dark, and under magnitude 6 skies at the Cumbria Star Party) Dealing with each "advantage" in turn: The increased aFOV does make a difference and (for the first time) I got that "looking out into space through the porthole" effect. It is a good experience, but you have to move your head around to see the whole view - which I quite liked. However, I am not sure if the increased aFOV alone makes the Ethos worth the money. As soon as I looked through the Ethos I was aware of the better contrast compared to either Nagler (and as you know, I have loved these eyepieces like my own flesh and blood). On Saturn (which was at x160mag in the Ethos) the cloud bands were more evident and I could see an additional moon. I was also sure that I could see the Cassini division, despite the rings still being close to edge on. Everything was just that bit more clear and sharp. On M13, with neither Nagler were stars resolved fully to the core (almost, but not quite), but with the Ethos, this was easy. I have never seen M13 looking so good. On M57 the ring was crisp and clear in either Nagler, but without colour. In the Ethos there was a hint of colour and I could see definite structure in the ring - the ring was not even, but had entertwined layers! So, The Ethos is a definite improvement over the Nagler, but is it worth the money? As far as I am concerned, YES (but perhaps only when Televue have a sale, as money doesn't grow on trees). I will sell my 11mm and 9mm Naglers over the Summer, along with my 30mm 82degree aFOV KK Widescan III. I am seriously considering also selling the 13mm Nagler as well, with a view to buying a 13mm Ethos. I hope you have found this quick review useful. Tom
  15. Nice image C2010, I always like seeing startrails. The foreground trees really set it off nicely. Tom
  16. Wow, good ones Coco. that really was a good dark sky, wasn't it. I particularly like the M81/M82 image - as I had these nicely framed in the 31mm Nagler, using my 14" Flextube Goto. Nina and Val will remember the view at the eyepiece. Tom
  17. What a great Star Party. Nina and Val made us very welcome and we had the added bonus of two clear nights. Sunshine and blue sky during the day, with a PST and a refractor with white light filter pointed at the Sun for much of the time. Plage, filaments and prominences galore! Bacon butties and coffee in the morning, a local pub with a beer garden and local Hotel with good food. Good crowd at the Star Party at night - all very friendly. Good skies at night and excitedly going from crisp object to crisp object through a variety of 'scopes, ranging from a 130P to a 15" Obsession Dob. My own favourite? M81 and M82 in the same FOV, through my 14" Flextube GOTO with a 31mm Nagler, or Saturn through my new 10mm Ethos. Tom
  18. Wow! So it is, 1,000,000. Who would have thought it. Congratulations to all those that give their time and energy to such a good Forum. Tom
  19. Hi DT, I am definitely in for Saturday night. Just got myself a 2man tent to bring along, specifically for Starcamps. I may also manage to stay the Sunday night. From the previous thread I think I can see where you are situated. If you could PM me your contact details (in case I get lost) then I can always 'phone you if need be. Let us know what time you are happy for people to start arriving. I was thinking of setting up the tent and then going over to a local pub for dinner on Saturday evening. Me, Steve, John and Kath wondered whether you could recommend a local hostelry? Heck, we might even buy you a beer. Remember, we are Scots, so buying a round is a BIG DEAL : )) I know the Lakes pretty well as I have walked many of the Tops and been going there for 25 years, but other parts of Cumbria are a bit of a closed book - so any local info you have would be good. Cheers (and praying for the weather to stay good) Tom
  20. Good first Lunar image, Amillego. Nice a crisp. Look forward to seeing more. Tom
  21. Hey, that is 4 of us from the Central Scotland Observers Group - Me, Kath, Steve and John. See you all there next weekend. Any good pubs in the area DelilahT? Tom
  22. Okay Delilahtwinke, I am up for this. Under 2 hrs drive from Central Scotland and in a nice dark area. I will need to go out and get a cheap(ish) tent, but as I have considered one for some time, perhaps this is a good excuse. I can always use it at Kielder etc as well : ) You have a field and an outbuilding with toilet and sink. So that is sleeping, washing and toileting sorted. People would have to bring their own power (I will bring 2 powertanks) and we would have to think about food (any good Pubs nearby?). You mentioned (in your first post) "camping space at low cost", what is the cost to camp in your field/use your toilet etc? How many people do you think might be up for this? Oh, almost forgot - are you thinking of Saturday/Sunday next weekend, or Friday as well? Regards Tom
  23. Lots of detail in AR195. Good image Ash. Tom
  24. Thanks guys, plenty food for thought. A solarmax 60 looks best (or the Lunt equivalent), but the price for one of these is scary - I hear what people say about 2nd hand solarscopes, I had heard there were problems sometimes. Tom
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