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  1. Evening all! I just wanted to say how much I'm loving the bino-astronomy! I've had an 8inch dob for a while now, used to use it at my old house which was out in the sticks, so it had nice dark skies...but since I've moved into town, it hasn't been set up in months. This is because, primarily, I was never very good at finding objects (the scope had no finder, and I didn't have the right eyepieces to give me a wide enough fov to hunt down the small fuzzies) and the light in town is pretty brutal, so I've just not bothered. Then, I had an epiphany, with my newly aquired mode of transport (shiny new sportsbike ) I could go for a ride all evening, and end up somewhere dark, and watch the skies. So, as I couldn't get my scope on the bike, I might as well pick up a set of decent binos to sling into a backpack. And I picked up a pair of Celetron Skymaster 15x70s for a shade under £70, delivered the next day! So, off I went, with the binos in my rucksack, ended up sat at the top of the watership down, and looked up. I was blown away by the contrast, clarity and sheer number of stars on show, the bright stars were like car headlamps, the starfields had incredible depth, and then I spotted the fuzzies. I didn't believe you could see so much with such a simple bit of kit. I haven't yet started to even try to identify all the dso's i've been seeing, I don't want to take my eyes off the skies! I'm truly shocked at how much more enjoyment I'm getting out of my binos than my scope, I think I'll sell it to get a collapsable monopod! I hope you won't mind me asking a lot of questions, but I want to get the most I can out of this rekindled fascination for the skies!
  2. oh, and if it's telescopic I guess it'll collapse down to a suitably small size! good idea [two wheel hijack] I've got my eye on a 650 V-strom for my first bike, (but the new ST1300 would be nice ) I'm doing my DAS in 5 weeks time, then it's off to hunt down the dark skies whilst avoiding the Mr Gatso! [/two wheel hijack]
  3. Ahh, I hadn't considered that! I will be using them sat down, but I'd not thought about how steady i could hold them...merely that the weight wasn't too silly! Would anyone have any recommendations?
  4. As I've just had to move back with the parents (Mrs moved out *sob*) I've not got the space for my scope (*bigger sob*) so I've looked in to getting into Binocular-Astronomy...also means I can take some bins in a bag on my motorbike and find some *proper* dark skies So, from what I've read: Big Aperture = Good. Heavy = Bad Carry In Bag = a benefit! and so I've seen a gerzillion (technical term) 8x50-ish glasses which all a bit 6 of one, half-dozen of another, but then I spotted these: Adler Optik Adler Kosmos 15x70 high powered binoculars They're perfectly in budget, they've got thigh-slappingly big aperture, and I can fit 'em in my backpack with ease...what do you people recon? Any suggestions? Happy New Year
  5. WOW! I can't wait to have the foldin' money ready for mine! I'm amazed at how compact and storable it looks! Have you managed to get a proper first seeing thru it yet?
  6. That flexitube dob looks the dogs danglies! With those open sided scopes, isn't there a problem with light polution entering thru the gaps? I'm guessing one of those above linked scopes will be just about within my budget, with a bit of stretching! :-D
  7. Ooh, a few good ideas there...my one concern about a Dob is just how portable are they? I need to keep it in the house (we don't have masses of space!) and also I need to carry it down a few steps and about 80yrds to get into the field out back away from any light. I can do this with the tripod mounted scopes, but as good as Dobs are, they look kinda awkward to move...what say thee?
  8. Right, due to having finished payin off the car and personal loans, I will soon have more wonga to throw at my stargazin', but I'd really like to know your thoughts as to what I could get for my money. I have currently got a Celestron Astromaster130, with a few upgraded EP's, which is nice enough and for less than £100 it's be great but now I'd like something i can: Start seein faint DSO's and getting enough contrast/light so the 'small fuzzies' ain't so small and fuzzy! (currently, even the trio of Leo galaxies are only visible with averted vision and a good imagination!) Get good observing of planets (but if I were to choose, I'd rather have good observing of DSO's than planetary)...as the sights of Jupiter I've got over the past few months have blown me (and everyone I've shown) away, even thru my budget scope! I'd like a motorized mount and tracking, but I'm not too fussed about a Goto (also, being a Macbook user, I don't think a lot of the software would run without me gettin emulators and other such gubbins!) Any ideas? I'm open to all suggestions!
  9. I'll be having a look for the galaxies in Leo next time I've got some clear skies! I've had a few nights recently where I'm really struggling to find anything different/interesting...I'm still yet to see a galaxy, or a nebula other than Orion! Hopefully my copy of T.L.@.Orion will arrive tomorrow and then I'll be crossing Messier objects off at a rate of knots!
  10. I've been looking at the 32mm Plossl's in the Celestron, Antares and GSO ranges, do you think the Meade the best of the bunch? Also, I'm half tempted to save a bit more and go for the televue 32mm plossl at around £80, would I be able to see a marked improvement compared to the above brands?
  11. Morning! I'm after a decent low power, wide angle lense...something like a 32mm plossl. I was wondering what my options are, I've got a Celestron AstroMaster 130 with 1.25" ep, and somewhere between £20-£40 to spend. What do you guys think?
  12. would this be a good barlow? Tal or would I need something more like this? Barlows - Celestron Ultima Barlow Would this be worthwhile buying? Filters - Baader Neodymium Filter thanks guys!
  13. Thanks for the advice Astro-baby&JNP! Looks like I'll be gettin a 32mm (and possibly a 15mm) Plossi for starters, and I'll keep an eye out for a barlow and moon filter! Don't put yourself down JNP, I wish i was able to keep up with Mark King, Victor Wooten et al! Where did you use to play?
  14. Afternoon! As some of you know, I've recently taken the plunge into 'serious' beginner astronomy with a AstroMaster 130, and would like some help with getting some more e.p's, filters etc etc I'm looking for (I think!!!) a barlow (those 2x magnifier things!) a few more eyepieces possibly, definately some filters, and the ability to mount a camera of some sort to do some Astrophotography. i don't mind spending a bit, (I want something that'll last!) but I've not got unlimited funds, so I don't mind second hand! Any help/advice/suggestions will be very welcome! Phil
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