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  1. Hi all, due to having my knuckles rapped for using foul language in this thread even though I self censored it. I'll probably have to leave, my illness (3 strokes and vascular dementure) means I accidentally swear in public, and Im obviously doing it in here too, so I best stay off the forums in case anything else occurs. I did enjoy talking with you all, but obviously someone has reported me. Jay, be wary of using any *'s like you did up there you'll get pounced on too. Take care Daz
  2. There are a few in here using the lifecam cinema to pretty good effect. The sensor in the HP camera was HUGE at least 4 times the size of the xbox cam, Id say it was a similar size to a 4/3rds dslr sensor. It also takes 14mp stills which if that can be converted to long exposures or even stacked 'should' give great results. I wish I could find the vid now, but I only came upon it by random and never bookmarked it. It will be interesting to see the difference between your DFK and the xbox cam, probably huge Id imagine. I intend to get a full t piece set up for my Sony A500 dslr now my EQ5
  3. Ive left my IR filter in the xbox camera for the same reason as you have, it does offer some protection over the sensor. The nosepiece Ive bought fits the camera perfectly and is threaded for filters which will come in handy with the moon and light pollution. I saw a guy on youtube converting a HP 1080p web cam as its exactly 1.25" and just needs the back end of an EP pushing onto it to enable it to be slipped into the focus tube. Apparently (he kept saying the ccd) its great in low light but it wasnt shown actually used! Which after watching a video for 20 minutes was a massive let down.
  4. Yup, Im up in NE Wales it was just the one rumble, I had a yellow alert from the Met Office on my phone regarding flash flooding and thunder storms earlier... typical my lads just gone out clubbing now so Im stuck indoors and its actually looking pretty good, misty with the odd cloud but Moon is crystal clear! I daren't try get the scope out myself I'll do something stupid like get a crutch caught on something and go head over heels. Teaching photoshop wasn't too bad as long as you didnt get the know it all, there's always one who knows everything but turns up just to heckle and ask stupid
  5. Hiya Jay, thanks for the advice though its much appreciated :-) I'll have a nose about online and see if I can find out if its positive tip, most are but knowing my luck I'll have everything running back to front or worse blowing some circuitry. Those power tanks are stupidly expensive for what they are, I reckon a car starter type thingy would give a nights worth of 12v if not more before needing a recharge. So far I have the auto focuser up and running... 9 volts, Ive fitted the RA drive which is 6 volts, then if I add a GOTO down the line thats 12 volts! Why caht they stick to a set vol
  6. Its a lot better than mine was, I deleted it in disgust haha! I now have my Eq 5 with RA drive so will try with that once I get power to it, Im wondering whether to go down the route of rechargeable batteries or a 6v dc mains adaptor. It doesn't state anywhere what polarity the socket/plug is so thats the only thing stopping my trying my 6v dc adaptor. Another thing I was wondering if anyone knows, it came with a much shorter mounting dovetail, which was shaped for the main and angled securing bolts. I have used this, but the tube rings look too close together now after the usual dovetail
  7. daz395

    First moon

    Third time lucky, it keeps timing me out all the time no matter how fast I type!! Sharpcap has Exposure and White balance set to auto as default settings, so just untick teh exposure and set it yourself. Regarding wavelets, from what Ive read you only use the bottom two, lowest for sharpness not sure what the other is haha!! Id do most of the processing in Photoshop or Lightroom myself, it IS very addictive I must agree!! :-)
  8. Hiya Jay, yea I was lucky to be the first one to see that Eq5 come up on Ebay, I had a search set up for new posts in motor drives and that came through. So I snapped it up :-) Thanks for the tip regarding the card, it makes good sense actually! I used to do EP projection with Solar pics but was never very happy with the details. I have read that a few crinkles in the solar film is actually better than having it perfect. Not a clue why but thats what was said. I'll definitely be having a crack at it with my xbox camera, will film as much as I can and take a few stills too. Im looking at maki
  9. daz395

    First moon

    Looking at it Id say you've left the exposure setting on auto, its washed out the brighter parts of the moon. Untick the auto exposure and set it manually yourself so the whole section of the moon is lit with good contrast. :-) its far better than my first attempt!
  10. Haha! That would be typical eh? I always miss the great events myself, when is the transit Ive lost track of so much with not being able to get outside its just ridiculous. I have a liquid compass, but every time I put it on the scope tray to train it north, the needle points anywhere but.... I pick it up and it points north, put it back down the needle goes wild! Same with my phone's app too! The tray must be slightly magnetic thats all I can think of. You've got to take a photo of your EQ 6 with that scope on it I hope you're removing the weights haha!! it will be overkill but hey i
  11. Yea I reaslised that when I was replying, no idea why it was bumped up though. Id join you but at the moment I cant get around at all, Im only a few weeks post op on my foot so another 3 months off my feet before I can get around by myself.
  12. Cheers Jay! I couldnt resist hitting the buy it now on that Eq5 with RA motor, I knew if I left it much longer it'd go so it was impulse time hah! Ive seen them on Ebay for £350 without the motor drive. So I'll be busy on Monday when that arrives :-) Cheers for the info regarding the Solar film, Im wondering if my little 3" reflector would work too as I doubt aperture really matters all that much with the Sun eh? I know it wont get surface granulation but I like to experiment with new ideas. I did wonder about the finder would you project onto card after a sort of line of sight method or
  13. Hiya, it may make no difference whatsoever in a scope but its worth a try, I know it makes a huge difference with my DSLR and 300mm lens, if its on anything other than centre or spot I just get a washed out moon. Nowt to lose by trying it though eh :-)
  14. Hi Andy, not that far from you really, I live in Shotton. I missed the event in the Glyndwr annoyingly indesposed due to another stroke.
  15. 1/5th of a second is the reason its washed out, and probably because you dont have your metering set to spot or centre. Its taking the light input as a whole and NOT from the Moon itself hence the ISO 500 and 1/5th shutter speed (cameras do tend to set ridiculous auto settings!). Set your dial to M, set your metering to spot or centre and you ISO to the lowest available it seems like you have it set on auto ISO or are using a semi automatic setting, try to get a reading from a mid tone on the moon and if your exposure meter works alter your shutter speed to suit but not above centre. Shutte
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