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  1. I have this scope and have only managed one nights viewing so far. I used a very nice 8-24mm zoom lens and spent ages scouring the constellations, double cluster etc and was very impressed.....it more than exceeded my expectations.

    However, the tripod wants throwing in the bin....absolute useless. I put the scope on my horizon tripod which was altogether a different story.

    Good views spoilt by a really poor tripod.

    I agree. I got one to take camping. Found the OTA good for what it is but the tripod....oh my word...!! But, managed to get a great view of M13 and Jupiter where we even spotted a band (on jupiter, not the beatles)


  2. Hi

    I'm ready to look into purchasing some new EP's for my Nexstar 102.

    However, I'm not sure which to go for? I have purchased a Celestron 32mm plossl which gives great widefield low power views and I'm pleased with this!!

    The EP's that came with the 'scope are 25mm and 9mm (not sure if they're plossl's?) but the quality of them isn't brill.

    I have a 2x barlow but again it's not brill quality and quite fuzzy when viewing through it.

    My 'scope if f6.5 and just wondered what EP's would compliment my scope? Ideally I would like a new medium power and a high power for viewing planets.



  3. Thing is, if you were going to spend £122 on the skyhawk which has 114mm aperture then you may as well spend £10 more and get the 130....

    Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 130

    More aperture = see more!!

    There is a Celestron Astromaster 130 on ebay for £74.99 - here

    A review of it is here

    As far as I can tell, a decent scope but needs eyepieces upgrading - but isn't that true of most 'scopes!!

  4. Some cool ideas,

    I would love my own obs, with a large computer controlled 'scope with a wonderful CCD to capture astropics and a live view camera attached. Maybe the live view cam could project the image onto a massive screen for outreach activities!!

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