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  1. Baader 3.5 Hyperions are not available here in the US. I need one and would appreciare a link and price estimate to obtain one from over there. Thanks, Mike H
  2. Am planning a new case and would appreciate if someone could measure their VIP 2X and give me the maximum length and width. Thanks.
  3. Just joined and looking forward to some good dialogs. I live in the Phoenix, AZ, area, am retired and have been in astronomy on and off for 35+ years. The usual interferences (job/family obligations) made me inactive in observing but I did keep up with the hobby. Moved from S. Calif. to AZ over a year ago. Great dark skies and local astronomy club in area make life good. Have a Z12 now, a handful of Baader eyepieces, couple of filters and accessories, and back in the swing of things. Mike
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