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  1. Hi guys, I've recently had my old Hoya 10 x 50 binoculars out for a test after being serviced, terrestrially & looking at DSO's all looks good, until I looked at Jupiter, it appeared to have a tail or teardrop effect. Would you consider this is a collimation issue or.........
  2. I've been looking at this Tripod & monopod combination for my 10 x 50 bins, looks reasonable quality and the monopod height is quite tall and can take 3kg any thoughts.... I think it's licensed by Tasco http://www.optex.com...d-with-monopod/
  3. Been searching for the right head for binoculars, astronomically I want to use with a tall monopod and for terrestrial use a regular tripod . I was leaning towards a ball head or trigger grip (222), but I recently read the following and to me it makes sense. "Ball heads are not favored for binocular use- as they have a tendency to tip from one side to the other when moving them. You want your binoculars to remain level throughout your mounts range of motion." So I'm now thinking tilt head or possibly the trigger grip (obviously a ball head design, but greater overall control.. I'm guessing) What do we think?
  4. AND also http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Joystick-Trigger-Grip-Ballhead-Ball-Head-for-Bogen-Manfrotto-Tripod-or-Monopod-/230884259077?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35c1c63505
  5. Hi guys, I've been looking for a joy stick ball head and for my 10 x 50's, the Manfrotto 222 looks good, but also while hunting I've come across the following alternative, (it might be a generic brand) firstly are they any good & what brand names are they available under. http://www.amazon.co...pd_sim_sbs_ph_4 Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I'm thinking about a tripod for my 10 x 50 bins and maybe a future purchase 20 x 80's . I've seen the following lightweight tripod, says it can handle 1.5 kg (bins weigh in just over 1kg) http://www.trustedreviews.com/manfrotto-mkc3-h01-tripod_Camera-Accessory_review Question: What weight capacity tripod is suggested for 1-1.5kg bins? I've also been considering Monopods
  7. Hi guys, I have a Amasco 60mm Refractor (FL700) and want to know if upgrading the focuser from .965 to 1.25 will improve it's light gathering capabilities, Love to put a 2" but don't think it would fit any suggestions on the type of focuser, this one is a classic drawtube type.
  8. Hi guys, I'm thinking about purchasing the Skywatcher 250mm Solar Filter (Filter cell + Baader Solar film) to use on my 10" GSO dob, but the following pic (link) shows no attachment screws, hopefully I can use Velcro.. Anyone else used this ? On the specs, it shows: Size 60 mm (Outer Diameter 275 mm) I'm not sure what the size 60mm is all about.... http://www.ozscopes....telescopes.html
  9. Hi Merlin66, You mention Baaader Solar film will show the surface granulation (apertures>4") I am thinking of using my 10" dob as a solar scope, would you using the following technique? using a smaller filter than the scope's full aperture (as long as it is above 4") or should I make it larger? what do you recommend? The following link shows you can use a portion of the diameter of the scope. http://www.sfsidewalkastronomers.org/index.php?page=build-a-solar-filter-for-your-telescope. Many Thanks
  10. Hi guys, today I saw the sun through a pair of my friends binoculars he was using Badder Astrosolar film, now I want to get some Astrosolar film and do some solar observing. I've got a decent 60mm Amasco refactor, that doesn't get much use, I've also got a 10" dob. Should I stick with the 60mm refactor or go with the dob? P.S Regarding the Dobs, some people feel the dob might be dangerous....
  11. I would rather buy a good second hand Orion at one third RRP than paying full retail AUS $329, overall the consensus seems to be LVWs are very good but a little overpriced when compared to Pentax xw.
  12. Ah, Badder Hyperion is a Vixen or just a clone
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