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  1. Hi Folks I have a new skywatcher startravel 80 frac and an fed up with getting that horrid stick grease from the focusser on my hands. It's near worse then juggling treacle. How to remove it, and what lube to us instead? Is there anything to look out for - i don't want to ruin my scope. With thanks Oat
  2. Hi No i didn't try any other zoon eyepieces. I did consider the Baader, i have to say the price put me off so i was going to expand the plossl's i have. Then i came across this review by chance and went with it - it is a real revelation. I'm reasonably well informed about optics quality from an interesting in shooting and binoculars, and i cannot fault this SVBONY zoon. Sure it's a big but i actually like that, it's very comfortable to use. SVBONY also make a smallr zoom which is actually the same as the Orion zoom....
  3. @Zermelo @MercianDabbler Thank you both for your responses, the information shared, and the time taken to help me. I am hugely greatful to you. Tim
  4. @Basementboy I just got an ST80 this week too. I had previosuly had an 8" dob, and a couple of newts. The newts were a pain to set up on the EQ mount (i never did master that), and the dob was just too big to store and move outside. This ST80 packs quite a punch - i really wish it had been my first scope, it's awesome I have upgraded the diagonal to a 90 degree SVBONY Dielectric one and the improvement is huge. It appears to be really well made and of great quality. I have also got an SVBONY SV171 zoom eyepiece which i saw recommended here it is also great quality and perf
  5. So folks. The ST80 arrived and i have fitted some new bits. The ST40 is a great little scope. So portable, easy to store, has a nice wide field of view and is my first frac. It is a much welcome change from my 200 dob and 130 newt - i can't believe i havent had a frac until now. An Svbony SV188P dielectric star diagonal to replace rhe 45 degree prism the scope came with. This appears very well made and is optically the difference between night and day compared the 45 prism that came with the scope. An Svbony SV171 8-24mm zoom eyepiece. Wow, what a tool! Appears extremely well m
  6. @Kon thank you I am in North Oxfordshire and Bortle 4. From the garden, I have good views to the west, north and east. To get views south i would need to go in to the field at the back of the house. I have had a play with stellarium and a phone app called sky view. My set up is pictured below and in my signature. I mainly use the 80mm refractor it's just a joy to use. Tonight i set on Mars, but there's not too much to see, also set on capella and sirius. My main achievement for tonight was Plaides - i've put a pic below which i took on my phone (probably someone wil
  7. @Zermelo @LeeHore7 @Kon @Pixies Thank you for your time to reply. Much appreciated. I find being prepared for astronomy quite difficult. How to come up with a target list for a particular session? I'd love to see a fuzzy galaxy, i'd love to split some starts, i'd love to see the planets. I'd love to see nebula but appreciate that's more appropriate for photography. I am close to an astronomy club and have made an enquiry with them for when gatherings are possible again. Cheers all
  8. Hi Folks Firstly - i have read the 'sticky's 2 areas to this - one is to how best plan an observing session. What can be seen and when appreciating that some things are closer to the earth, or more visible at certain times of the year. I've got Turn Left at Orion but in honesty don't find it very intuitive. I also have planasphere however they show only constellations not plants or M's etc. TELESCOPIUS - i turned to this site to get an idea of what to target each night and to picture what kind of image i can expect to see. But i really question the authenticity of this site. It
  9. Thank you for your explanation. Its very much appreciated.
  10. Hi All I have an ST80 achromatic scope. If I use ED eyepiece in it such as the BST starguider's will this eliminate (or massively reduce) chromatic aberration? With thanks
  11. Thank you all for your input. I'm somewhat reluctant to speand Baader money at this stage in my commitment to this hobby / interest, not least as the Baader would be more expensive than the scope it would be used on. I have followed astrofarsopgraphy youtube channel for a while and quite by chance found he'd done a review of an SVBony zoom so i'm planning to give it a go. It won't replace the regular plossl eyepieces but will be nice for grab n go, helping my daughter see various sights, and for general scanning of the night sky with a fast scope. SVBony SV171 zoom eyepiece review h
  12. I have just ordered one of these yesterday - i managed to find a UK supplier who had a couple in stock with the basic AZ mount. Looking forward to it arriving during the week.
  13. Hi Folks I'm looking to buy the following and looking for recommendations of sensibly priced options. Zoom eyepiece Colour filters (set) Light pollution / deepsky filter Neutral density filter / lunar (25%) Is the SVBONY brand any good? Scopes i'm presently using are a 130newt and a 80mm frac (achromatic). You might have guessed that when it comes to filters i have no idea what i'm talking about. All i know is what i have read. With thanks in advance Oat
  14. Hi They offer....: Startravel 102 frac 127 Mak 130 newt (non collimatable primary mirror)
  15. Evening all I have an old skywatcher explorer 130 on an EQ mount. The scope is OK, but the mount isn't at all for me as it's on no way grab n go / easy to set up. I want to sit this on an Alt Az mount and have been eyeing up the skywatcher AZ pronto and AZ5 delux. Are any of the scopes that come with these packages worth having? If they are then i may get the full package, though primarily to take advantage of the stand and mount. In particular (and i know it's achromatic) i love the idea of the startravel 102. The Astrobiscuit vids on youtube even recommend the startravel 80. I woul
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