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  1. actually, i think that is a pretty good shot. you can always take two exposures... one for jupiter that is unsaturated and one for the moons and then combine them in photoshop.
  2. what about doing a mosaic? take a couple of images and stitch them together (overlap by 40-50%). Cheaper than a new scope ... though maybe not as much fun
  3. Hey Kevin. No such thing as a newbie question! The flat removes things like vignetting and dust donuts from the image. The dust donuts can sometimes be averaged out if your imaging avi wanders a bit. But if your tracking is good, then they will show in the final stack. I find the vignetting is tough to balance out in PS. I'm just not very good using the gradient tool. Though some people do it this way. Flats are by far easier to use (IMHO). I would definitely recommend using flats. Hope that helped. Cheers
  4. Hi Kevin, First change, was how I made my flats... I took a white garbage bag and held it over the end of the PST40 with an elastic. Centered on the sun's disk, with the gain and exposure cranked up a bit, it worked like a charm. I seemed to get better subframes using AVIStack instead of Auttostakkert. Maybe If I processed them individually instead of a batch it would have been better. Might go back and try that. I used Photomerge in PSCS5 to stitch the mosaic together. The rest was just playing to see what looked good... wavelets instead of LR deconvolution (still not sure which one I like be
  5. Had nice weather on the weekend! And I was home!! So I finally got to image the Sun again. 31 subframes of 30 seconds each, Flea 3, PST40 Tried some different processing. I think I like the effect... Hope you like. Cheers Tim
  6. Beautiful! I tried doing the same thing but mine didn't turn out nearly as well!! Great job! What was your interval between frames?
  7. Excellent image Neil! Love the colours.
  8. Excellent shot! I like your second version best.
  9. Great image Neil. Well done. I like the second version better. I've been meaning to try longer capture times and derotate in WinJupos. Guess I'll have to give it a go. If the clouds ever lift again that is.
  10. Thanks for the kind words. I find that sometimes when I'm processing, it's easy to develop tunnel vision. An extra set of eyes and another opinion are always welcomed.
  11. Looks great Freddie. The details are superb. Must have had good seeing. Colour looks a bit orange on my monitor though.(just a comment, not a criticism).
  12. Excellent captures. Do you find that L channels really add much to the image? I normally only shoot RGB. I've never been able to get a good image if I include an L.
  13. Well it's taken some time... I've had the corrector off and tightened the secondary holder, repositioned it on the bracket and hopefully have it close to collimated again. Naturally, I had one nice night to test and then the clouds and rain moved in again. Here is the result. Jupiter from 10-06-12 with the C14, Flea3 and 2x shorty barlow. Processed with AVIStack, WinJupos and PSCS5. Hope you enjoy. Criticism alway welcomed. Cheers Tim
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