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  1. Thanks all for birthday messages
  2. cheers skywatcher....
  3. i wonder if my missus will let me open my presents in a minute,15mm 25mm bst and decent 2x barlow....
  4. cheers ian,thanks for advice ill take that on board....22 mins now lol
  5. thanks helen,scary lol
  6. thanks qualia im well chuffed been learning sharpcap and registax for ages now,thought i could never do it,happy days and its my birthday in 32 minutes lol
  7. davepfc69


    my first capture of the moon,prob not to clever but first go
  8. got my new canon t3 1100d today with standard lens,i know its meant to be easy to use so all reviews say as i would like to use it manual mode rather than just auto mode sometimes but coming from a compact camera its taxing the brain,but i will get there.then i hope to attach to scope for a bit of astro image moon and planets after i work out what adapters i need,but as a camera and what im used to compact cameras its superb on comparison,picture quality is really good for the price.........
  9. i did say that to the missus but it didnt work lol
  10. well after great advice and reviews off the sgl experts the 8mm bst is a brilliant eyepiece for the money and has made a hell of a difference to my scope,the wife has just ordered a 15mm and 25mm bst for my birthhday a week today oh and i did add 2xED barlow to from skies the limit,so happy days......roll on next tuesday 29th....
  11. Tinker your well posh having lamb lol
  12. cheers james see a degree does help lol.ive looked at some tutorials on youtube which has helped i reckon,like u say its just practice at the moment and cheap web cam until i can get a phillips spc900 or other ccd cam.just need the moon to practice on,im very new to all this and lack patience......
  13. is it me or do u need a degree in computers to understand sharpcap and registax.......and to make and take a good photo......
  14. Funny really all my mates takes the Mick cos of my new hobby the missus is telling the kids dads new phase for a few months lol. I see that the most common webcam is the spc 900N.C. but seems hard to get is there another one as good or its just a matter of sitting on eBay
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