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  1. I think you might be right! It looked pretty much identical to this: Only the rings were larger and more prominent. I assume there's no easy way of preventing such rings? I put this in the wrong sub-forum too, I guess it should've gone in the general discussion imaging sub-forum as there's definitely no tips to be had from me! Could a mod kindly move it if so please? Thanks!
  2. Damn, no edit option! I forgot to mention; the telescope I am using is a Celestron 127 SLT.
  3. Hi guys, I went out last night to try and get some pictures of the moon and ended up with these (the first is using a 32mm GSO, the rest are with a 10mm Hyperion): Unfortunately, when I tried using my 32mm eyepiece with a x2 Ultima barlow, I saw concentric rings showing on the surface of the image (I don't have the image at hand, but I'll update the thread when I get home if it helps). I have no idea why though. The very first image with just the 32mm eyepiece has some signs of rings showing towards the bottom of the moon. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to why this would be happening? I looked up airy disc, which seems to be what was displaying over the image. But I just can't get my head around what airy disc even is! Thanks.
  4. If you have StlyeBot or something similar to that for styling websites to your liking, you can insert the below text which will fix that for you: ::selection { background: #aeaeae; }
  5. Thanks a lot Capricorn. Exactly what I was after! I'll speak with him today and let him know the options / concerns. He's definitely not one to get driven away by cold nights and what not though; he's one of them snowboarding type of people Thanks again.
  6. Hi guys, I have a friend who has just had a Saxon 767 Az bought for him, however he's thinking of swapping this for the Celestron 76 EQ. I know nothing of either scope, so what would you guys recommend? Maybe something else entirely? Thanks!
  7. Brilliant. Thanks guys. I was looking at a Y splitter cable like that Fish-Man, but wasn't sure about any consequences of splitting the power outlet. Thanks again.
  8. Hi guys, I have a SharpSky Focuser (a pre-built PCB by Dave Trewren, which you can find here: http://www.dt-space.co.uk/SharpSky_Kit/), and have everything set up, but I'm struggling with an idea for sorting out the power. I'm using a SkyTron Power Supply Cable with a cigarette plug one end, which connects to my Maplin 3-in-1 PowerTank, and a 2.1mm Jack at the other end. So my question is, does anyone have any ideas on how is best to convert that one 12V cigarette plug outlet from the PowerTank, to two 2.1mm Jack outputs so I can power both my mount and the focuser? I'm really, really rubbish at electronics, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. I agree with both of the above comments! > Sounds like you're having a lovely time though in all seriousness
  10. Haha, yep. That's exactly where I was going wrong I would only use the DSLR for AP too. I have a Lumix TZ7 which I would continue to use for any other needs, so thanks for the heads up.
  11. Thanks James. It sounds perfect in principal, but considering I bought a motorised focuser for 127 Mak (Dave Trewren's homemade product, the SharpSky) and about all I had to do was solder a DC power lead together and I managed to mess that up, I don't think soldering is my forte I have been keeping an eye on the classifieds too thank you. I noticed a webcam flashed to an SPC900 was up the other day but it soon went. Does the HEQ5 Pro Synscan come with guiding for longer exposures nmoushon? I'd be able to grab a Canon EOS 350D for sure. There's seems to be quite a few around the £150 or so mark before even shopping around. Which isn't bad, considering I spent £98 on one eyepiece The HEQ5 PRO Synscan with a SW 200p and DSLR seems like an awesome combo. Shame it would equate to about £1,100. Although I could get some of that back from the 127 I have and some of the upgrades (1.25" dielectric diagonal and GSO 32 Plossl etc). I think I'm going to try grab a webcam for now and work on my planetary skills (I'd get a DSLR, but there's no way my mount will support the extra weight). Then I can think about upgrading the mount and OTA to the above once I'm more experienced. Fun times!
  12. Unfortunately, that'd be well outside my budget RikM. Around £750 for the mount alone before I upgrade the OTA and manage to grab a DSLR >_< Looks like I'm sticking with the alt-az mount and my 127 Mak with a webcam Thanks everyone.
  13. Thanks mdhardy. The cost of the 200p OTA isn't that bad actually. I'd feel kinda bad replacing my birthday present so soon though! I guess I'll need to upgrade my mount (to the EQ 5 Pro) and then think about getting a DSLR / new OTA in the future. This is definitely the most expensive birthday present ever How much bigger is the 200p OTA than the 127 Mak by the way? I can never gauge the size of telescopes in images.
  14. Ideally I would like buy for the future. But I've only had my telescope for 3 months (joint birthday present) and there's no way I'd be able to buy another OTA for some time. I didn't know that my 127 was no good for DSO AP or use with a DSLR, is that because of the high focal ratio? I'm not even sure what the next step up for me would be from the 127 Mak without hitting astronomical sums for an OTA. Seems like I can buy a mount to future proof (EQ5 Pro maybe), but be stuck with having my 127 Mak and a webcam. Thanks anyway guys, appreciate the help.
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