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  1. Thanks Steve for the link. They seem to be a good pair of binos so will contact my local supplier and see if they have any in stock so I can try them out.
  2. Thanks for replying Steve that was good timimg, i'll have a read up of your review later.
  3. I'm after a pair of hand held binos 10x50s at around the £100 mark. Any suggestions to a decent pair in that price bracket?? TIA.
  4. Hi Mike. Sorry I have managed to sell as a complete set up.
  5. Well folks I only recently bought this scope from a member on here who had had it from new from FLO, i added the EPs to the set up hoping to have got back into this hobby but I just won't have the time so have decided to sell up once and for all and just keep a distant interest in this fantastic hobby. So we have a Skywatcher 127 Mak Synscan GOTO with 4x BST Starguider Eps, 5mm 12mm 18mm 25mm, Moon filter, and polarising filter. Plus the EPs that came with the scope. Also included will be a 17ah Deben battery pack and charger, used about three times from new,bought from Sherwoods. Baader solar filter and a Maplins case, all in excellent condition. The scope is just twelve months old was bought from FLO and has had very little use and no use on my behalf since owning it due to lack of time. £425.00 and would prefer pick up from Birmingham. I still have the box the scope was packed in and all EP boxes. I would also prefer to sell as a whole kit but if there is interest in seperates I will consider this later on.
  6. OK Wookie no problem i will mark it as provisionaly sold.
  7. This book is now reduced in price to £7.00 inc postage within the UK.
  8. This book is now reduced in price to £15.00 inc postage within the UK.
  9. Book now reduced in price to £13.00 inc postage within the UK.
  10. Hi Bob. No i'm afraid i won't be going to SGL XI so would Paypal be ok. I'll PM you the details. This book is provisionaly sold.
  11. This is my book Stargazing for Beginners which is in very good condition. It is the hardback edition and has the dust cover with just slight creasing on the outer edges. I am looking for £6.00 including postage within the UK. Payment via Paypal or cash on collection.
  12. This is my Atlas of the Universe book hardback. It is in very good condition with just a very small tear on the dust cover at the top. I am looking for £10.00 including postage withIn the UK. Payment via Paypal or cash on collection.
  13. For sale is my Cambridge Star Atas,which is in as new condition,only used it twice and has been sat along with my other books in a drawer. I am looking for £18.00 including postage within the UK. Payment via Paypal or cash on collection.
  14. Here is my virtually new book of TLO. It is in excellent condition as it has had very little use. I am looking for £16.00 inc postage inside the UK. Payment via Paypal or cash on collection.
  15. Hello Fspp and welcome. I and another member used to gaze often nearby there a couple miles past Shustoke reservoir on what we thought was a layby but turned out to be private land. One night we got to meet the owner who was fine with us gazing there but alas he had to fence his land off so gazing there had to stop. The sky was pretty good especially if you looked away from the city center and another member who was with us one night reckoned she could see the MW right overhead. I'm afraid i don't gaze any more only with the bins now and again,in fact this is my first post on here for quite a while,but am surprised you have had no takers of your kind offer.
  16. Paulus17


    Just a quick heads up-Maggie is on the BBC breakfast at 09-05 talking about her new role as presenter of S@N.
  17. Yes snow here in Brum as well,some heavy showers.
  18. Yes we saw it too but would have said it was pink in colour. My daughter phoned to say they have pink lightening by them and within five minutes we had it by us and was surprised to see how pink it was,even lighting the rooms pink??
  19. Hi Simon. Yes i did do that when i re-centered on the Moon and when i found Jupiter again,then slewed back and both were out the same again. I only had Jupiter in the ep when i fieach rst tried from set up,which is what i don't understand. I can't wait to get out and try again now.
  20. OK thanks all some stuff there i haven't a clue about,but all i can say is that i set up as i usually do,leveling,PA-ing,co ords are correct,mdy,time correct,checked and double checked,and as i say it was working perfect a couple of weeks ago using the same set up method,only thing that has changed was the battery but that seemed ok,so will just have to wait and see how i get on next time i get out?? StevOD some interesting things there which i will have a look at.
  21. I am using a new power pack 17ah fully charged. I could see just by looking that the Moon wasn't going to be in my FOV it had gone that far past. MDY and time were all correct. My first star Vega when aligning wasn't that far out and Capella was in the EP,25mm by the way and it was tracking Jupiter fine all the time i was looking at it,staying bang in the middle of the EPs as i changed over,for well over an hour.
  22. Well i set up last night in the back garden with my EQ3 GOTO and ED80,polar aligned using Vega and Capella,first target was Jupiter which it went straight to bang in the middle of the EP. Then as the Moon was so bright thought i would have a quick look at that so set the Moon for the next target and the GOTO was way off target slewing right past it by some margin??? So i slewed to get it in the EP and re-centered it,but i wasn't happy so targeted Jupiter to see if that would be found but again was way off. So parked the scope and set up again and got exactly the same results this happened half a dozen times with me trying after double checking everything again and again.So packed up in the end in frustration. Yet last time i was out on the 28th Dec the GOTO worked a treat all night. But the night was not a complete waste of time as before i went to bed i was looking out he bedroom window using the bins and had a orange coloured meteor shoot across my FOV with a thin long tail then just as i was looking north a really bright meteor shot down with a green and white flame that lasted a good few seconds so was chuffed seeing those.
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